“Police aren’t doing anything”: Parents yelled at police to enroll in a Texas school | Texas School Shooting


Texas law enforcement agencies are scrutinizing the response to the shootings at Rob Elementary School. In YuvardeAfter it was revealed that the shooter remained barricaded in the classroom for up to an hour before his bloody rampage ended.

Local officials and media reports have confirmed that the shooters not only evaded armed guards outside the school, but were also trapped in the classroom for 40-60 minutes during the killing. ..

By the time the Customs and Border Protection tactical team broke into the classroom and killed the shooter, he killed 19 children aged 8 to 10 and their two teachers.

Associated Press reported During the genocide, some parents and other locals expressed distress at the apparent hesitation of law enforcement to attack the school. Juan Karanza, who lives by the school, told the news agency that she had witnessed a woman yelling at a police officer. Go there! “

The officer did not enter the building, Karanza said.

Javier Casares, whose 10-year-old daughter Jacklin was murdered, said AP police seemed unprepared.

“I should have done more,” he said.

He and other residents gathered outside the school said the shooters remained trapped inside and began planning their own rescue missions.

“The police aren’t doing what they expected, so let’s hurry,” he said.

Criticism of what parents and residents saw as a response to inadequate law enforcement was unknowingly exacerbated by comments from local security leaders.

Steve McLaugh, District Public Safety Director, told reporters: They engaged immediately.They were included [the shooter] In the classroom. “

While “contained” in the classroom, the shooter carried out all of his 21 killings.

The failure of police and armed school guards to prevent shooters from invading the building lied to one of the main issues of gun lobby and Republican politicians in the wake of the tragedy. A gun is a good man with a gun.

McCraw revealed that the shooter was “engaged” by the school’s resource officer. Nonetheless, shooters were able to enter school through the back door with semi-automatic assault rifles and hundreds of ammunition.

He went down two short corridors into the classroom, where he was trapped with the children and their teachers, Eva Mileles and Irma Garcia.

Yuvalde was the 213rd mass shooting in the United States this year. Gun Violence Archive, Independent database. Mass shootings are defined as cases in which four or more people are injured or killed.

Rob Elementary School was the 27th US school to experience shooting this year. Education week report.

The horrors of so many children dying in the classroom have prompted the quest for a new soul at every level of American public life. Joe Biden sought to counter resistance to basic gun control from Congressional Republicans, saying “the second amendment is not absolute” on Wednesday.

The debate is the hottest in Texas as the state deals with yet another mass shooting. Some of the most recent deadly events have occurred in Texas, including 25 deaths in a 2017 attack on the Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs and 23 in Wal-Mart, El Paso in 2019.

The Republican-controlled state legislature has already continued to relax minimal gun control in the name of what political leaders call Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment “freedom.” Signed a year ago by Republican Governor Greg Abbott New regulations This allows the Texans to carry pistols in public without a license or training.

Abbott faced Wednesday when the Democratic Party held a press conference on Beto O’Rourke’s shooting of Yuvarde against him.

“This is for you until you choose to do something different.” Oruk intervened From the audience. “This will continue to happen, someone needs to stand up for the children in this state, or they will continue to be killed.”

Oruk was taken out of the room because Republican Mayor Don McLaughlin called him “the sick son of a bitch.”

Even more fierce conflicts are expected on Friday when the National Rifle Association, the lobby group, the most noisy opponent of gun safety law, holds its annual meeting in Houston. Abbott will be one of the speakers. So does Donald Trump.

“Police aren’t doing anything”: Parents yelled at police to enroll in a Texas school | Texas School Shooting

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