Planned Parenthood patient records leaked in data breach


Planned Parenthood Hood Los Angeles states that information was stolen in a cyberattack.

Planned parent-child relationship

Planned parent-child relationship Los Angeles Last month’s data breach revealed patient records online. Includes clinical data such as name, date of birth, address, insurance identification number, diagnosis, treatment and prescription information.

An unauthorized person accessed the network between October 9th and 17th, installed malware and stole files. PPLA said it took the system offline on October 17, when it noticed suspicious activity, notified law enforcement agencies, and asked a cybersecurity company to investigate. On November 4, the investigation concluded that patient information was obtained, and Planned Parenthood LA is currently informing affected patients.

According to the Washington Post Wednesday report Data breaches affected about 400,000 patients..

“PPLA is mailing notices to patients whose information is contained in documents stolen from our system,” the organization said. “It is also advisable for patients to check the statement from their health provider or health insurance company and contact them immediately if they see a price for a service they did not receive.”

PPLA states that it has since strengthened network monitoring and hired more cyber security staff.

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