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Erika Jayne reveals another wild story about Tom Girardi in the September 15th episode of “RHOBH,” but not everyone believes in what she says.

During the September 15th episode of Beverly Hills real housewife, Erika Jayne Said Kyle Richards She has “a lot of things happening” in her life, so she doesn’t have time to worry about the collapse of her friendship. Sutton Struck.. “I don’t need it in my life,” she said during the day at the spa. Kathy HiltonHouse.

Obviously, Kyle knew that a lot was happening to Erica, but when Erica revealed a new shocking story about her family, Kyle almost gasped.

“Tom’s house was invaded and had to undergo eye surgery after confronting the thief, and his son had to go to help, and he had five turns in his car on his way home. Yeah … I’m under a lot of stress, “Erica told Kyle. Kyle couldn’t believe what he heard. In fact, during her personal confession, she described the story as “incredible.” She revealed that the story itself seems “incredible”, not necessarily that it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t believe in Erica.

But when Kyle later shared the story Dorit When PK Kemsley, And her husband, Mauricio Umanski, It raised many questions to them.

“Is this true?” Mauricio asked before PK filled out Erica’s previous story in 2017 when Tom drove a car off a cliff and “turned the car over.” Kyle and Dorit added that Tom needed a brain surgery, but Erica told them because he was unconscious for 12, and in a few hours or so she had a doctor operate him. I was particularly worried — especially “for his age”. But PK called BS. “I’m not a statistician,” he said. “But what are the statistics that Tom and his son-in-law both turned the car over? I think it’s millions, millions, millions to one.”

Kyle Richards (Bravo)

“Statistically, that’s basically impossible,” Doritt said. “You suggest that Erica isn’t telling the truth.” But he disagreed. Instead, he said. “I suggest she’s been in a dominant marriage for 20 years and is still in control. I think Tom lied and Erica went with her. Will not roll and will not be unconscious for 12 hours. To me, it is transparent. “

“Let me tell you something,” Mauricio added. “There are lies here and there. When a doctor comes to you and says your husband is injured, he is turned over, he is unconscious, and we need to have surgery. Yes, who says no? “

Kyle said it made her “question” her own belief after hearing her husband and PK become suspicious of Erica’s story. Meanwhile, Doritt admitted that the story sounded “ridiculous,” but she doesn’t think Erica is lying.

Is Erica telling the truth? only time will tell. But PK also suggested that Erica should stop posting provocative photos on Instagram — she said she needed to be “reliable.” Given that her husband has been accused of stealing settlement money from “widow and orphan”, it doesn’t seem good for Erica to share overly sexy photos on social media. “Bad move,” he said, and Mauricio agreed.

RHOBH Recap Erika Lying To Protect Tom Bravo embed 2
PK Chemsley & Mauricio Yumanski (Bravo)

PK went on to say he wanted to see Erica make the ultimate comeback, but Tom was “no longer reliable” only if she withdrew from the “hut” of her once-living life. Being the one who said, he said she also needed to keep herself away from him.

Eventually, they laughed after hearing from Dritt that Erica approved Tom to undergo ankle surgery following the 2017 car accident, but not in the brain. “He’s a lawyer, not a soccer player,” PK joked that it was insane to be told that Erica approved ankle surgery but not brain surgery. Kyle couldn’t stop laughing, so she covered her face. And to be honest, it’s the same.

Do you want more drama?New episode Beverly Hills real housewife Broadcast on Bravo on Wednesday at 8 pm.

PK & Mauricio accuse Erika Jayne of lying to everyone – Summary – Hollywood Life

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