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    Philippines eases virus lockdown in capital despite WHO warning

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    Officials said Tuesday that the Philippines would ease coronavirus regulation in the capital Manila and promote economic activity, but despite warnings from the WHO on record numbers of infections and migration.

    Restaurants, churches and hairdressers in the metropolitan area will open on Thursday with low capacity, allowing tens of thousands of people to return to work.

    “We should strive for perfect health, which takes into account both national health and the economic health of the people,” said Harry Roque, a spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte. It can only be achieved by carefully balancing the -19 responses. “

    Viral cases have surged to record levels (more than 140,000 cases in the past week) thanks to the outbreak of the highly contagious Delta variant.

    On Tuesday, a representative of the World Health Organization in the Philippines warned against easing the curb.

    Six out of ten adults in the capital have been fully vaccinated, but “this is not enough to ease the quarantine position at this time,” Philippine WHO employee Rabindra Abeyasinghe told government television. Told.

    “Further increases in current infection levels can overwhelm the hospital system, so great care must be taken when adjusting how to respond to the current situation.” He said.

    Thirteen million metropolitan cities were placed on the second highest warning under a new classification system that replaced the guidelines, and many residents and business owners were confused about which activities were allowed.

    Localized blockages targeting specific buildings, streets, or neighborhoods will be implemented to check for the spread of the virus and will replace current schemes that cover the entire city and region.

    Fully vaccinated customers in the metropolitan area can receive up to 10% capacity indoors in restaurants and beauty salons and up to 30% capacity outdoors. Vaccination status..

    The church is also allowed to seat 10 percent of their capacity for service, but other indoor group activities, including those that lead to congestion, remain banned.

    Cost of blockage

    According to Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez, a series of closures since the outbreak of the pandemic has shelved more than two million workers in the food and leisure sector in the capital alone.

    This week, millions of children have begun their second year of distance learning in the Philippines. This has closed the school since the pandemic began.

    Officials said Tuesday that classrooms could reopen with indoor entertainment and social events with up to 50 percent capacity when alert levels drop to the second lowest level.

    Duterte previously stated that the country could not afford any further blockades.

    However, as hospitals became full and the national vaccination rate remained low at 22%, authorities had little option to slow the spread of the virus.

    In a pre-recorded television speech aired Tuesday, the president will begin vaccination (currently limited to priority sectors) to adults next month “with a stable vaccine supply.” Said there is a possibility.

    The coronavirus has infected more than 2.2 million people in the country and killed more than 35,000.

    Philippines imposes virus blockade on capital

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