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    Pfizer’s CEO states that two doses of the Covid vaccine are “not enough for Omicron.”

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla visited the European Commission member on April 23, 2021 to oversee the production of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine at the Pfizer plant in the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Poor. I will talk at a press conference with the chief.

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    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla may not have strong protection against infection by a variant of Omicroncovid after two vaccinations with the company on Monday, and the original shot is part of the effect of preventing hospitalization. Said lost.

    In an interview with JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference, Bourla emphasized the importance of third shots to enhance people’s protection against Omicron.

    “Two doses aren’t enough for Omicron,” Bourla said. “The third dose of the current vaccine provides very good protection against death and adequate protection against hospitalization.”

    According to Brula, Omicron is a more difficult target than previous variants. Omicron, who has dozens of mutations, can circumvent some of the protection provided by Pfizer’s original two shots.

    “With the second dose, it was very clear that the first thing we lost was protection against infection,” Bourla said. “But two months later, the number of previously very strong hospitalizations has decreased, and I think this is something everyone is worried about.”

    According to actual UK data, UK Health and Security Agency data show that two vaccinations are 52% effective in preventing hospitalization 25 weeks after receiving the second injection. I did.

    According to UK data, two doses of Pfizer or Modana vaccine are only about 10% effective in preventing infection from Omicron 20 weeks after the second dose.

    Booster doses, on the other hand, are up to 75% effective in preventing symptomatic infections and 88% in preventing hospitalizations, according to the data.

    However, Bourla said it is unclear how long the booster dose will provide protection against Covid. The UK Health Security Agency has also found that boosters are only 40% to 50% effective against infection 10 weeks after receiving a shot.

    “The question mark, that’s how long that protection lasts on the third dose,” Bourla said.

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommends that some people with weakened immunity receive four injections, three initial doses, and one booster. Israel has deployed a fourth Pfizer dose for people over the age of 60. Israel has found that the fourth dose increases the protective antibody by a factor of five.

    Bula told CNBC earlier Monday that Pfizer plans to prepare a vaccine specifically targeted at Omicron in March, but it’s not clear if it’s needed.

    Bourla also told CNBC that further testing was needed to determine if a fourth dose was needed.

    Pfizer’s CEO states that two doses of the Covid vaccine are “not enough for Omicron.”

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