Pfizer and Moderna say Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes over time


Covid-19 vaccine update

Pfizer and Modana said protection from the Covid-19 vaccine could diminish over time as US drug regulators are preparing to approve it. Booster program..

Prior to an important meeting on Friday where the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Advisory Board discussed booster proposals, Pfizer submitted a study by Kaiser Permanente Southern California on Wednesday. The result of the Delta stock avoiding the jab.

Pfizer presented data showing how vaccine protection declines 6-8 months after the second dose and gradually diminishes every two months. Vaccine efficacy decreased by approximately 6% every two months after the second vaccination, from 96.2% one week after complete vaccination to 83.7% more than four months later.

The company also quoted Israeli data showing that the third booster shot restored protection against Covid-19 by up to 95%. This is a document submitted to the FDA show.

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Separately, Moderna shared the data on Wednesday, showing that the protection provided by the vaccine diminishes over time.

“Increased risk of breakthrough infections in .. .. Participants vaccinated last year compared to last year have shown the effects of weakened immunity and need boosters to maintain high levels of protection. We support sex, “said Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna.

The FDA’s advisory board will meet on Friday to determine whether regulators recommend approval of additional doses of BioNTech / Pfizer jab and for which population. FDA already signed About booster RNA vaccine made by Pfizer and Moderna for people with weak immunity.

According to a document released by the FDA, Pfizer is asking regulators to approve booster shots six months after people receive their second jab.

In another assessment of data from Pfizer’s vaccine, the FDA found that lower antibody levels among vaccinated people were associated with a surge in cases seen in the summer due to the spread of delta variants. Said there is a possibility.

However, officials said the data on whether the vaccine’s ability to block symptomatic infections had diminished were not conclusive and were a sign of internal friction within the regulator as to whether boosters were needed.

“Overall, the data show that the Covid-19 vaccine currently licensed or licensed in the United States still provides protection against severe Covid-19 disease and death in the United States,” officials said Wednesday. Said in a briefing document published in.

Biden administration says it wants to start deploying vaccines Booster program Next week, alongside 12 other countries concerned about the increase in breakthrough infections in vaccinated people.

The plan was controversial and garnered criticism from two top US scientists who recently announced their retirement from the US drug surveillance agency.

These scientists, Philip Krause and Marion Gruber, co-authored a report this week concluding that there is not enough evidence to justify the booster program when vaccine supply is severely restricted in other parts of the world. bottom.

Angela Hwang, president of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, said the data available supports booster programs that help protect the masses and end the pandemic sooner or later.

“The big picture, boosting is important. Boosting is necessary. That’s the way we need to protect individuals and the general public,” she said at the BofA Global Healthcare Investors Conference Wednesday. ..

While the Biden administration is preparing to decide whether to give final approval to the booster program, the US president is also trying to skyrocket the country’s flagging vaccination rate.

Biden will meet with a business leader at the White House on Wednesday, and he is trying to step up corporate support for his administration’s new vaccine obligations. The conference aims to show strong support for his move to require medium to large businesses to vaccinate their staff or be tested for Covid-19 at least once a week. It is said.

Participants include Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Microsoft President Brad Smith and Joshua Bolten, Head of the Business Roundtable.

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Pfizer and Moderna say Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes over time Source link Pfizer and Moderna say Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes over time


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