Personalized cancer vaccines are finally struggling to treat tumors


Some cancers are being treated with vaccines tailored to the genetic makeup of the individual’s tumor, and this strategy appears to be increasingly hopeful.


June 22, 2022

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Mark Rushway quickly quit his job as a chemist in Hillsdale, NY when he learned that melanoma skin cancer had spread to his lungs, preparing for the worst. “I was scared because he knew that he had a survival rate of only 15%. It was a realization like” Sacred cow, is this? “,” He says.

Seven years later, a 67-year-old woman appears to be cancer-free after receiving the world’s first personalized cancer vaccine designed exclusively for him so that the immune system can attack and destroy it. .. The unique biology of his tumor. “I had these three lung tumors, so I could see and feel them. One was sticking out of my back,” he says. “A few months later [after treatment], I’m waiting for my results, and my oncologist came in and said, “I have the best news a doctor can tell you-you have a 100 percent reaction.” say. All the tumors were gone. “

Lashway is currently one of hundreds of cancer patients who received individualized vaccines as part of several clinical trials. Other participants have also shown remarkable reactions, and some have cancers that are difficult to treat with conventional treatments. “I think these vaccines are the next big thing,” he says. Adilia Holmigo They were used at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to treat people with the infamous deadly brain tumor known as glioblastoma.

We have long known that the immune system naturally tries to fight cancer, which is often betrayed by cancer …

Personalized cancer vaccines are finally struggling to treat tumors

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