Monday, January 24, 2022

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    Pentagon warns of China’s “rehearsal” of attacks on Taiwan

    US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that repeated fighter, bomber, and other fighter sorties near Taiwan seemed like a rehearsal of military operations against the country.

    “We’ve confirmed that they seem to be exploring their true abilities and look a lot like rehearsals,” Austin said in a speech at the Reagan Defense Forum, which focused on threats from China. Stated.

    Austin did not seem to suggest that China was preparing for a conflict in the near future. However, the Chinese Air Force has significantly increased the scale and frequency of its sorties into Taiwan’s “air defense identification zone” this year.

    Coupled with military activities Rapid progress by the PLAHas expressed concern about China’s intention to claim sovereignty over Taiwan.Some experts say China’s recent Rapid expansion of its nuclear weapons It is designed to make it difficult for the United States to intervene in the dispute over Taiwan.

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Reuters on Friday that China’s aggression would have “terrible consequences,” and Washington absolutely promised that Taipei would be able to protect itself. I emphasized that there is. At an event in California, Lloyd did not say what the United States would do if China invaded the island.

    “We promise to help Taiwan develop and maintain its ability to protect itself,” he said. “No one wants this to develop into a conflict in the region, so we will do our best to prevent conflict and keep the temperature as low as possible.”

    Austin was speaking in California on his way home from Seoul. There, he and his South Korean counterparts, for the first time, included words about maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait in communiqué, demonstrating growing concerns about China in the Indo-Pacific.

    President Xi Jinping told President Joe Biden last month that the countries that supported Taiwan’s independence were “playing with fire.” But Chinese leaders also said he was a “patient” and would like to strive for peaceful unity. This was seen by some US experts as an attempt to lower the temperature.

    In his speech, Austin said the United States faces real challenges, including “the emergence of an increasingly aggressive and dictatorial China.”

    He said China is projecting power and expanding its ability to build a global network of military bases. He added that the Chinese military is rapidly advancing its capabilities in areas ranging from missile and missile defense to anti-submarine technology. He also said the Pentagon believes that China will quadruple its stockpile of nuclear weapons to more than 1,000 warheads by 2030.

    Austin said Washington would work more with its allies to counter China, but also wanted to see a better path of communication with Beijing to support risk management, including in the area of ​​nuclear weapons.

    Austin and Mark Milley, chairs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States, have not spoken to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in China since the inauguration of the Biden administration. The Pentagon hopes that a recent virtual conference between Biden and the West will pave the way for better communication between the two troops.

    In his speech, Austin called on US private companies to work with the Pentagon to develop cutting-edge technology. But he admits that the military had to do a better job of rationalizing bureaucracy and reducing risk aversion so that entrepreneurs wouldn’t consider it a “valley of death.” rice field.

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    Pentagon warns of China’s “rehearsal” of attacks on Taiwan

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