Paulina Porizkova’s Beauty Pipic — Significant Savings with Code


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If you ask WeWinter is definitely the perfect time to start curating a new skin care routine. The weather is getting colder and colder. In short, it is becoming more frustrating, dry and flaky. Moreover, we take the whole “New Year, new you” very seriously.First of all, it’s an excuse to treat yourself, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to take good care of yourself. Products that change the game..

Of course, the main problem is that skin care can be very expensive in most retail stores. A single cream with a three-digit price tag makes it difficult to properly care for your skin. However, this year you can say goodbye to the ridiculous retailer markup and instead get a deluxe product at a completely transparent price. How?By becoming Beauty pie member!!


become Beauty pie member Get $ 10 off First purchase with code “PAULINA SENTME”!

Being a member of a beauty pie means Get up to 5 times for your money When buying what might be your next Holy Grail of Beauty. Beauty Pie Plus is an annual plan ($ 59 / year) with no monthly fee limit and will eventually be less than $ 5 per month. (Monthly membership is $ 15 per month and is subject to cost limits.) But what products does Beauty Pie have? Why do you have to be convinced?Taken Paulina PorizkovaWords for it. As one of the most iconic supermodels in the world since the 80’s, she has tried almost every cosmetology product known to women, yet she uses multiple beauty pie products on a daily basis. I chose that.


become Beauty pie member Get $ 10 off First purchase with code “PAULINA SENTME”!

Policekova once introduced her “skin treatment tips” to fans on Instagram videos. We wanted to emphasize two of her popular products and how Beauty Pie membership can help save them up to 75%.

She usually prefers not to use water to keep her dry skin happy, but if she’s making up, sweating, or exercising, Policekova relies on her. Beauty Pie Japan fusion ™ Pure Transforming Cleanser Cleanses without peeling off the skin. “This is really great,” she said. “It’s very emollient and not moody. It doesn’t make your skin feel squeaky and clean, I don’t believe your skin should be.”

How does this cleanser do it? Uses Japanese hybrid cleansing technology. This is a high-tech gel-to-oil, milk-to-milk cleansing balm infused with antioxidants that removes waterproof makeup, oils and contaminants and provides “best clean” with zero residues. It is also fragrance-free and is recommended for people with sensitive skin!


get Japanfusion ™ Pure Transforming Cleanser (Regular price: $ 35) $ 9 When you become a member of Beauty Pie! New member: $ 10 off your first purchase with the code “PAULINA SENTME”!

In the second half of the video, Policekova Super Healthy Skin ™ Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream.. “This is actually my favorite moisturizer. So far, I’ve always been thinking. This is like my number one. This is how much I love it. Check this out. It’s empty, “she said, showing off her bottle. Then she explains: It actually does it. To be honest, it’s a rare feat, considering that many other creams seem to do nothing but greasy our skin. She also mentions how this moisturizer makes her skin feel “more firm and elastic.”

This cream is mixed in Switzerland and blended with an impressive list of powerful ingredients. Rich in wrinkle rewinders, instant lifters, skin tone brighteners, elasticity enhancers, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, contamination blockers, moisture plumpers, free radical fighters, stem cell rejuvenators, and powerful plant actives It is. “Fu! It’s very perfect! And awesome, saving those members. Sign up … now!


get Super Healthy Skin ™ Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream (Regular price: $ 100) $ 21 When you become a member of Beauty Pie! New member: $ 10 off your first purchase with the code “PAULINA SENTME”!

Looking for more?Explore all skin care with a beauty pie here!!

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Paulina Porizkova’s Beauty Pipic — Significant Savings with Code

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