“Patriots” are undermining American democracy | US News


There is a more accurate term than the rebels to describe those who attacked the US Capitol on January 6 and forever polluted the seats of the American Republic with fear and fascism.

Their activity causes fear, some White supremacist group, They oppose being labeled as “terrorists” or “white supremacists.” Calling them “rioters” does not fully capture the political motives of the authoritarian mobs of Maga fanatics. Perhaps we should consider them historic re-enactors. After all, they only recreated centuries-old efforts to undermine democracy, freedom, and the US Constitution. Still, if you ask them, they will definitely say they are “patriots.”

Whenever in American history we realized that the country was standing on an unimaginable cliff of ruin, there were always hordes of loyalty to the flag, shouting to push the country into the abyss. To be clear, there is a difference between loving one’s country and the various virtue signaling that defines America’s most self-legitimately toxic misnomers. However, fanaticism does not prove one’s dedication. Nationalism is not the same as patriotism.

In his 1861 Basic speech Explaining the “revolution” that still stands as the bloodiest war in the history of the continent, Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stevens said he was “more capable, smarter, and more conservative.” So, cautious, decisive, decisive. ” And the body of a patriotic man “is more than those who want to tear the country in half, rather than stop the commercial trafficking business. Five years later, the coalition of conquered traitors united Ku Klux Klan, “Chivalry, humanity, mercy, patriotism … emotionally noble, generous in masculinity, patriotism in purpose.”

Alabama Governor George Corley Wallace Patriotism issues..Senator Strom Thurmond, South Carolina Interfered with the Civil Rights Act In 1957, he wondered why the northern people chose “patriotic” people who just wanted to maintain white supremacism. After changing parties in protest of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he made a new “Lily whiteRepublican asPatriot“.Tea party patriots threw Racial slur In John Lewis, at least two people were killed in a rally hosted by the far-right group Patriot Prayer.

Nothing is less patriotic than someone who calls himself a “patriot.” Hypocrites waving flags that proudly declare their loyalty to their country are determined to kill America. At least since the 2020 elections 19 states Passed 33 laws that make voting difficult. These voter oppression legislation was introduced and passed primarily by supporters of Donald Trump’s “Stop Stealing” movement, which includes a significant portion of Republican supporters. These “America’s first” acolytes claim to make their country great again, but their true final game is a government where white voting rights are equal to their share of voters. Is to destroy the similarity of.In other words, the so-called main goal Patriot Party The opposite of democracy.

These American merchants carry out patriotism while ignoring the real value of their country. They proudly speak of their pledge of allegiance, demonizing Black Lives Matter protesters, reform seekers, or any movement that promotes freedom and justice for all.In Arizona, armed members Montezuma County Patriot He was charged with harassing participants in a walk for justice and peace.The trial begins a few days after the white supremacist group Patriot front We held a rally in Washington.At least 3 deaths are associated Patriot prayer, Another parent Trump gang who staged violent demonstrations nationwide.

They have built a parody of the pro-life movement that does everything it can to deprive fellow Americans of their rights and lives. Archbishop Timothy P. Blogrio, Archbishop of the U.S. Military Services Archbishop, said that forcing women to have unwanted pregnanciesGenuine act of patriotism“.True lovers of democracy will accept Tighter gun control It is preferred by most Americans.Instead, these performance artists provide uncompromising support to firearm makers. Patriotism.. They argue that critical race theory makes children feel sick and hates America. Still, they are somehow willing to trade the lives of social studies students for the benefit of the gun industry. Patriots never care about life, freedom, or the pursuit of happiness, whether it was an abortion in the back alley or spilled blood in the second grade.

They are not only dead without apology, but also unrepentant liars. They spread the conspiracy theory, Reject scientific research Ignoring the deaths and destructions caused by climate change, Covid-19, and the criminal justice system, climatologists, immunologists, and criminal scholars push the wrong notion. Illegal immigrants, crime When Extensive fraudulent voting, Fully aware of the consequences of their horror. Their obstruction to the House Commission on January 6 proves that.their Text message Prove.themselves Recount Prove. Mathematics, history, science, and English as a whole prove that they are useless for truth, facts, or evidence. This historically inaccurate and mathematically inaccurate patriotism caricature is white supremacism wrapped in the Star-Spangled Banner.

If the American Empire collapses, and if it collapses, we can thank our patriots for the end of democracy. Ultimately, these fanatical jingoisms are America’s least patriotic people. They hate democracy and hate the outlook for a more complete coalition. They have vowed allegiance to the flag, but it is not the republic in which the flag stands. Patriotism as a performance is their only protection, as a country that provides freedom and justice to all is an intolerable idea.

They rather want to kill it first.

“Patriots” are undermining American democracy | US News

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