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    Patrick Dempsey Terrorized Grey’s Anatomy Set, Gave Co-Stars PTSD (Report)

    Patrick Dempsey was causing problems on the set before his character was killed by Grey’s Anatomy in Season 11.

    This is not new information.

    Anyone who was paying close attention to the beloved ABC drama at the time knew well that the actor was tired of playing Dr. Derek Shepherd … informing them of those feelings. .. And creator Shonda Rhimes has no choice but to find a solution.

    But the next book sheds a shocking and disturbing light on how bad Dempsey had to go at the time.

    Lynette Rice will be released How to Save Life: The Inside Story of Gray’s Anatomy Tuesday, September 23rd.

    The book digs deep into the show’s humble start completely without permission, providing exclusive information about behind-the-scenes culture, the most tragic departures, and more polarized plot lines. I read the summary of Macmillan Publishers.

    “This thoroughly enthusiastic book is a must-have for Grey’s Anatomy fans.”

    Rice conducted 80 interviews with current and previous casts, crew members, and musicians whose songs were featured in the show.

    But through the excerpt released Thursday, it’s clear which section and which topic gets the most attention: Dempsey’s Departure.

    His character was killed in a car accident in April 2015, and a veteran actor told Entertainment Weekly that development happened naturally.

    “It’s like being developed in a very organic way,” he said at the time.

    “I don’t remember the date. It wasn’t autumn. Maybe February or March …. it happened very quickly.”

    In her book, Rice talked to various individuals about the last day with Dempsey and the rest of the crew.

    “Ellen [Pompeo] Dissatisfied with Patrick, she was angry that he wasn’t working very well, “recalls producer Janine Renshaw.

    “She was very enthusiastic about making things fair. She said,” I’m too late here “or” I’m here long “when Patrick had twice as many scenes as him in the episode. I hated complaining, “too much.”

    “When I brought it to Patrick, I would say,’Look around you. These people are here from 6:30 am.’

    “He will go,’Oh, yes.’ He will understand that. It’s just that the actors tend to see things from their own point of view. He’s like a kid.”

    Before Dempsey left the series, the actor is said to have been the cause of some “HR problems”.

    “It was never sexual,” says James D. Pariot in the book.

    “He was horrified by a kind of set. Some cast members had PTSD of all kinds with him. He can stop production and scare people. I had this hold in the set I knew.

    “The network and studio went down and we had a session with them. I think he just finished the show.

    “He didn’t like the inconvenience of coming and working every day. He and Shonda were in the back of each other’s throat.”

    More Dempsey

    Therefore, Rhimes needed to get rid of this cancer in the set.

    “Many complaints … I think Shoda has finally witnessed it. That was the last straw,” says Renshaw.

    “Shonda had to tell the network,’If he doesn’t go, I’ll go.’ He was a show, so no one wanted him to leave. He and Ellen.

    “Patrick is a lover. It ruins you, this business.”

    For this book, even Dempsey confessed that Grey’s Anatomy’s schedule could be frustrating and exhausting.

    “It’s 10 months, 15 hours a day,” he said.

    “You never know your schedule, so your child asks you,” What are you doing on Monday? ” And you go, “I don’t know”, because I don’t know my schedule.

    “It’s hard to do that for 11 years”


    Of course, it does not allow the operation of A-Hole.

    Eventually, Dempsey noted Rice and said he was “thankful” for the experience:

    “You can’t really complain because you’re well compensated and you really don’t have the right.”

    Why did Rhimes go ahead and kill Derek?

    “I don’t think he had a way to leave him without dying,” Uber’s producer said in the past.

    “He and Meredith were a very strong couple at the time. If he left the children, it would be completely out of character.

    “There was no way to honor the character unless he died.”

    Of course, Dempsey A shocking return to Grey’s Anatomy Season 17.

    How did that happen?

    The star then began talking to Pompeo again, saying the producer had come up with a way to vist Meredith in the fantasy beach scene while Derek was in a coma caused by Covid.

    “We haven’t talked or been together for a while,” Dempsey told Pompeo, adding that the pandemic and story influenced his decision.

    “This was a great opportunity to catch up and say what we could do for all frontline responders.

    “I tracked what Gray was doing by giving him a mask and confirmed that people had the right equipment, and it came from that place-well, make people feel good. And what can we do to give comfort? This uncertainty, and that’s the beginning. “

    Added Dempsey:

    “I think the whole atmosphere has changed. It’s true that I was working on the beach and meeting everyone again was a really, very healing process, really rewarding and a lot of fun.

    “And hopefully that feeling is translated and fans are enjoying it.

    “I know they wanted us to come back together, and I think this will satisfy many and hopefully surprise many.”

    Patrick Dempsey Terrorized Grey’s Anatomy Set, Gave Co-Stars PTSD (Report) Source link Patrick Dempsey Terrorized Grey’s Anatomy Set, Gave Co-Stars PTSD (Report)

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