Panama City, FL – Panhandle Weather Forecast: 12/2/21


Panama City, FL –

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB-TV) – Thursday morning started off with a bit of bad weather, compared to the rest of the work week, that is. Temperatures were dropping in the late to mid-1940s, cooling to dew point temperatures (which were very close to air temperature). There was little or no wind and clear skies, causing fog to build up.

A dense fog advisory was issued for most of the enclave, with the exception of coastal areas, until 0800 CST as visibility was sometimes reduced to less than 2 miles.

Fortunately, the sun will work to evaporate the fog and leave us with a beautiful sunny sky. Temperatures will tend towards the low-mid-1970s this afternoon.


The high pressure will again form over the west to east Gulf Coast from Thursday to Friday, keeping our weather dry and mostly sunny. Over the weekend, a few fronts will advance southeast, but they will not cross the Panhandle. Our time will be relatively “spared” by the weekend fronts.


An active setup looks more likely next week with faster fronts moving south. Scattered showers are forecast to start the week with a front likely to cross the Panhandle on Monday, producing a better chance of rain than we have seen in weeks. Another system could be put in place on Wednesday; however, forecast models still struggle with the midweek system timing.


Check back for forecast updates throughout the week! – Meteorologist Kristen Kennedy

Panhandle Weather Forecast: 12/2/21 Source link Panhandle Weather Forecast: 12/2/21

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