Panama City, FL – More pets run away on July 4th


Panama City, FL –

LYNN HAVEN, Florida (WMBB) – Lynn Haven Animal Control volunteers are bracing for an influx of calls about missing pets due to loud fireworks explosions this July 4th.

Animal experts say the holidays see the most number of pets running away from loud fireworks.

“Well, it’s a very bad situation with the fireworks and all that. A lot of animals are very scared of loud noises – booms and all that,” said Ramona Bibbs, animal control supervisor for Lynn Haven.

Bibbs said everyone was on deck at the animal shelter on Independence Day.

“The phones are usually non-stop,” Bibbs said. “We are still on the road and that extends into the next day as well.”

Bibbs said they worked shifts to make sure someone answered the phone or patrolled the streets.

“So we’ll be there to try and save them before they hit the road and get hit by a car,” Bibbs said. “We will be here to handle the phones also to take phone calls when owners call that their animals are out to bring them back to their owners, we will have microchip scanners to scan them to see if they have any microchips to bring back. them immediately to their owners.

She said there are several ways to reduce your furry friend’s anxiety during the fireworks.

“Nights like this with the fireworks and the stuff, people should bring them inside away from the noise with the TV on some kind of noise,” Bibbs said. “Maybe soothing stuff for them reassuring them that it’s okay because they’re looking for that.”

Bibbs said if you don’t have a microchip or tag with your name and phone number, she suggests writing your phone number on their collar. This will help people find your pet’s home much faster.

More pets run away on July 4th Source link More pets run away on July 4th

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