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    Over 10,000 John Deere Workers Strike “For Years” Inadequately | US Trade Unions

    More than 10,000 production and warehouse workers at 14 Johndia plants in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Georgia quit their jobs at the latest on October 14th at midnight. Wave of industrial unrest In the United States.

    Worker, Expression By nine locals from the United Auto Workers (UAW) Voted 99% in favor of September strike approval after receiving a contract proposal from John Deere for the first six years.

    It’s the biggest private sector strike in 2 years usa, Because the UAW led the proceedings against General Motors.It also Other strike threats With the United States Extensive labor issues The economy is still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic blow.

    October 10th, workers Voted Overwhelmingly 90% to reject the tentative contract agreement offered by John Deere, whose strike deadline was set at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 13th.

    David Schmelzer, a 24-year quality control inspector and former chairman of the UAW Local 79 in John Deere, Milan, Illinois, was hired by workers in 1997. Some concessions Contract negotiations at the time included the creation of a two-tier system of employees from John Deere, and workers hired after 1997 received less benefits.

    “We sacrificed, and we now want to get it back,” Schmelzer said. “Workers in this country need to understand that if we choose to take advantage of it, we have considerable power in this country. Do not give us anything. Fight your teeth and nails. “

    John Deere said he spent months sending texts and mailers and using supervisors to push workers to support the current benefits of employees leading up to new union contract negotiations. Said. ..

    During the pandemic, Schmelzer said workers were forced to work overtime consistently during the day, 10 to 12 hours throughout the week and Saturday.

    Throughout that time John Deere has report Record profit in 2021, with a profit of $ 4.7 billion, the first three-quarters of 2021, compared to the previous record profit year of $ 3.5 billion in 2013. Consumable In the first nine months of 2021, it bought over $ 1.7 billion in shares and paid a dividend of $ 761 million to shareholders.

    “Much of what’s happening in the country over the last few years has made sure people are aware of the inequality between businesses and incomes. The desires of a large number of businesses,” Schmelzer added. “The vast majority of people want a greater share of the company’s success, the success we have played a major role in.”

    John Deere before the pandemic Dismissal Citing Trump’s tariff war with China and its impact on demand, dozens of workers across several factories have reorganized their workforce and several salaried workers at lower levels with lower wages. Was demoted to the position of.

    “This is more than a number. An employee of John Deere, Illinois, said he demanded that he remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.” There is no longer any respect from management. You can feel the tension. Everyone has been on the edge for quite some time. Almost every day I lifted the weld hood and heard employees and managers yelling at each other. They are assigned to specific operators to monitor them and keep birds all day long. “

    John Deere workers during the final union contract negotiations in 2015 approved Contracts with less than 200 votes Layoff round Hundreds of jobs have been saved.The last time John Deere workers went on strike 1986, Lasted for 163 days, It contains Lockout by the company at another factory in retaliation.Current strikes are the largest in the private sector since thousands of General Motors workers I quit my job September 2019.

    Another John Deere employee in Illinois said, “Not only do we not like the deal, it’s much deeper.” “This is the sum of negative wage fluctuations over the years, and would probably have happened on the last contract if the furlough situation hadn’t happened.”

    Workers voted overwhelmingly against them because they were largely inconsistent with what John Deere employees received before 1997: retirement health care cuts, inadequate wage increases, and non-compliance. I gave enough pension benefits. Latest proposed contract.. For new employees, the retirement pension plan is as follows: Replaced At 401k.

    John Deere spokesman statement Worker Refusal: “John Deere is committed to continuing the collective bargaining process to better understand the employee’s perspective. In the meantime, our business will continue as usual. . “

    Over 10,000 John Deere Workers Strike “For Years” Inadequately | US Trade Unions

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