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    Orecchiette: the art of pasta

    The scene wasn’t Italian anymore: Vespa, laundry on the line, and a woman on the street making pasta. But to find out which region of Italy they are making, look at the shapes they are making. That is, whether you can see it. Nunzia Caputo’s hands move so fast that I slowed down the video and saw the orecchiette she formed, the “small ears.”

    The Trulli pasta, known for its olive trees, a unique house called Trulli, and orecchiette, is said to have been made by Capto since he was 6 years old. It’s good that she sees it as an art rather than a job.

    “Because of this massive change, it’s magic in your hands,” she told correspondent Seth Doane.

    Nunzia Caputo makes orecchiette pasta on the streets of Bali.

    CBS News

    This pasta shines like the treasures of these streets where many women make orecchiettes. Capto is the fourth generation of her family to do this. Unfortunately, there isn’t one-fifth – she has a son. “The men here drink beer. They don’t make orecchiettes,” she lamented.

    “Sorry!” Said Doain.

    Elizabeth Minchili has written a book about eating out and eating out in Italy, and she and her daughter Sophie are offering visitors a “Week in Italy” food tour. In Bali, the capital of the region, they stop by where Capto set up the store (or, well, the stage). Her show offers a mystery and the joy of shaking her head.

    “There’s this one woman, Nunzia. We’ve been there for the past 20 years or so, buying orecchiettes from her and learning how to actually make them,” Minchili said.

    “Can you do it?” Asked Doain.

    “Are we recorded?” She laughed.


    CBS News

    “I’m used to seeing pasta made from indoor pasta. Why on the street?”

    “Originally, the pasta, which seems to be the original pasta, was dried on the street. It used the sun and the wind.”

    According to Capto, passers-by once asked their mother if they could buy pasta, and a business was born.

    At Ancora Pastifissio, Michel Fiore showed Doein that selling a size of orecchiette in Bari wouldn’t work. It’s okay if it’s so small. Don’t eat today. ”

    “Really? Do you go out if the size of the orecchiette doesn’t fit?”


    At Ancora Pasta Fisio, one size of orecchiette pasta doesn’t fit all.

    CBS News

    When asked if all of these different sizes of orecchiettes were needed, Minchiri replied, “Yes! Of course!”. She explained that different sizes fit different sources.

    Doain asked, “How will some pasta be associated with certain parts of Italy?”

    “Well, I think it concerns every region, every town,” she said. “And they start with a particular type of flour. They start with a particular economic situation. And they have ingredients that fit that pasta. Therefore, in the north, more cream and more. There’s butter and more cheese. The south is a little poor, so there’s more vegetables. “

    “Where do you rank orecchiette as a cook on the pasta list?”

    “Oh, I’m not going, I’m not going to focus on this!” Minchiri laughed. “I love all pasta in all regions equally!”

    Even a little diplomacy can be an important element of a country where food is very meaningful.

    Cooking up-orecchiette-wide.jpg
    Cook the orecchiette.

    CBS News


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    A story produced by Sabina Castelfranco and Aria Shavelson. Editor: Emanuele Secci

    Orecchiette: the art of pasta

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