Opinion polls show strong approval rating, so Trump hosting the Iowalary | Donald Trump


Donald Trump was scheduled to return to Iowa on Saturday for a campaign-style rally, following a high-rated poll in the state that traditionally started the presidential election.

Trump has not announced a second run of the White House.

Instead, he maintained control of his party by repeating lies about fraud in the defeat by Joe Biden. Attempts to thwart parliamentary investigations into a deadly parliamentary attack by supporters trying to overturn the defeat. Widely funded; and if he chooses to seek a nomination again, he boasts of how to defeat potential rivals, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

He also continues to attack the establishment of his own party.This week, Trump accused Senate Republican leaders End the opposition Helping the Democrats raise the US debt cap, which threatened economic collapse. In a statement, Trump called the move “a terrible deal pushed by folding Mitch McConnell.”

McConnell seems to have caught fire from the stage. Iowa Des Moines State Trade Fair on Saturday night.

Des Moines Register prior to the rally Announce poll This shows that 53% of Iowan look at Trump favorably.

Polls also gave Trump a 91% favor among Iowa Republicans. Similarly, of course, 99% of Iowa Democrats saw him at a disadvantage. Perhaps more worrisome to the strategists of both parties seeking plans for 2024 is that the independence split, 48% favored Trump and 49% disadvantaged.

J Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co’s polling company, said Register Trump also had a strong poll of unvaccinated people, a large and influential group.

Despite the death toll Over 712,000 In a pandemic that began under the Republican administration, Republican states such as Iowa remain resistant to vaccination obligations and other public health measures against Covid-19.

Although the majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among unvaccinated people, Republican politicians and the media have succeeded in presenting resistance to shots as a matter of personal liberty.

Playing cards hospitalization He was infected with Covid last October and has been vaccinated ever since. In August, he told the crowd at the Alabama rally: I did it – that’s a good thing. “

crowd BooGives Trump the same fate that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham met, a major ally, At a party event last week.

In an interview with poll respondents, Register spoke to Karen Moon. [who] She said she wasn’t a fan of Trump’s public persona. “

“He sounded like a kind of ridiculous idiot,” she said. “He sounded illiterate, meaning that at some point people were asking if it was okay to inject bleach into their bodies to get rid of the coronavirus.”

However, registered independents said she had an almost positive view of Trump, partly because Trump signed a pandemic bailout bill to send checks to Americans.

So earlier this year, Joe Biden didFaced with unanimous opposition from the Republican Party, it is currently trying to develop spending plans, including medical and childcare measures, through Congress.

Moon told the register that he would “definitely” vote for Trump if he ran again.

Opinion polls show strong approval rating, so Trump hosting the Iowalary | Donald Trump

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