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    ONLY ON 8: Man injured in hit-and-run crash, search for driver continues – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-14 02:09:23 –

    Las Vegas (KLAS) – Looking for a hit-and-run driver who knocked a Las Vegas man off his motorcycle and broke his collarbone.

    This happened early Saturday morning, October 9th, at Desert Inroad, the easternmost point of the valley. Just east of Nellis Boulevard.

    Germain Vertical told 8 News. He rode his bike south on Cabana Drive and the driver was heading west on Desert in Road. I passed through the lights at the intersection, hit Tate, and drove away.

    Tate considers himself alive to be lucky.
    “I’m in case of a shock [their] The car, “he said.

    That was the last thing Tate remembered on Saturday morning before he said he knocked off his bike on his way home from his hometown of Walgreens.

    “I just woke up and the whole side was hurt and my collarbone broke,” Tate said, pointing out the injury.

    He says a metro police officer on the scene told him that it was probably the disabled driver who caused the crash.

    But perhaps more painful than Tate’s physical injury or concussion is that he knows that the person in charge has driven him away.

    “The accountability part is where I got hurt because you obviously hit me and you kept going and didn’t even brake,” he said.

    The damage to his bike, and the helmet he wore, is still clearly visible.

    Germain Vertical’s wife, Melissa Vertical, says she was worried about her children if he didn’t do it.
    “How would we live without him?” Melissa Tate said.

    She is grateful that her husband is still here. And she has a message to the person who hurt him.

    “If you don’t hit and run and don’t leave your child on the ground, don’t do it to others. Not only will it affect your child, but it will affect your entire family,” says Melissa Tate. Told.

    And Germain Vertical knows that he is one of the lucky ones.
    “I see motorcycles hit and never go home,” said Germain Vertical. “Thank God for giving me the next opportunity to do that.”

    Metro police reported in 8 news that the case was classified as a hit-and-run — and the case is still open. The metro is still under investigation.

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