Omicron’s quarantine awaits me the simple joy of spending time with friends.Sophie Brickman


EThis fall, I made a seemingly unrealistic trip in a quaint era when our variants were only one-eighth of the Greek alphabet. I unleashed myself from the sofa I worked for the previous 18 months and kissed. My husband and three children said goodbye and traveled to the outskirts of DC. There, I sat next to a friend on her couch and worked for 10 hours of awakening, hanging out with her three children. Then I went home for 6 hours.

After a few months away, I communicated mostly on WhatsApp with fragmented text, but for an hour I chatted over a bottle of wine without children. At 9 o’clock we were too tired to get up. I crawl into the bed in the adjacent room. And when the sun rose, we teamed up and pushed our little feet and hands into our boots and gloves, probably a little too tall, and Elton John’s I’m still standing, but living. Blow up the speakers in the room and drive the girl to school. On the relaxation scale, we are closer to “remodeling an apartment” than “spa”. But those only 10 hours are full of random, prompt-free hugs and the knowledge that they can be in the same place, without the real agenda – eat takeaway! Chat by car! Or while cooking! Blow raspberries in the tummy of a year old, just as others have cultivated email! – Probably recently replenished a part of my social life that is more debilitating than any other society. It’s a kind of social under the headline hanging out.

I don’t know about your 2022, but so far I seem to be allergic to it.

It may be my life stage. As a mother of three children under the age of six, my days have been scheduled for a very long time. Most of my unstructured time was spent at the company of people who think the biggest joke in the world is to wear diapers. hat. When was the last time you went to the bar and dawned? But when I sprinkle a slightly protracted pandemic on a very isolated family unit in America, there is a death bell of my calm. Sure, Omicron is rampant in New York right now, but I have friends, but most of the time, it’s one of the most purposeful, frigid Victorian walks outdoors, and the modern character of Jane Austen. Like the edition, urbanites are beginning to sprinkle again. Heath.

“Everything is planned,” said a friend when he asked the WhatsApp chain a question to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. “There is no space to just exist and have a conversation.”

“It always feels a burden,” another replied. “I avoid people because I intend to make important reports.”

Sure, chirakising can be seen as a relatively minor victim of a pandemic-it doesn’t lose work, family, or many other tragic things that have fallen on many of us-but I. A species that evolved from monkeys that care for each other in groups for hours as our building blocks, it makes us very truly human. In the meantime, 10 hours with my friends have served as the equivalent of my own Xanax bowl. I remember spending time with an unvaccinated 2-year-old child who coughed and couldn’t go to school, or had more cases and calmed down. What did Omicron emphasize other than the unpredictability of the virus and the endless punts of its return to normal, perhaps longer during the months of quarantine? – No matter how difficult or hard it may be, it seems essential that all of us try to prioritize that face-to-face time.

“We understand how important physical contact is in putting and high-fiving, laughing together, and all of this that people are constantly doing with their friends in building, promoting, and servicing relationships. “I haven’t,” Robin Dunbar told me when I reached him to hear his opinion on how this time affected our socializing. “Something like that is happening below the horizon of consciousness. It hits this endorphin system in the brain. And if you don’t get those hits, build a meaningful or lasting relationship. You can not.”

Dunbar is an Oxford anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist, perhaps the most famous of his eponymous numbers, and shows the number of stable relationships that humans can sustain. He sets this to about 150, and concentric circles move outwards with about five close friends until he reaches the perimeter of the network. Defining friends is complex and transformative. Therefore, he is conducting various studies using a grain of salt, such as: What came out recently From the Research Center on American Life, and widely distributed, Americans reported having significantly less intimate friendships than they did thirty years ago. (“It often depends on how you ask questions,” he said of the researchers.) But he varied as someone you would come and go to greet them if they happened to meet at the airport. Is defined in. 3 o’clock in the morning, or someone you would like and feel like. And having strong social networks and striving to maintain them is very important to our well-being.

In his latest book, Friends: Understanding the Power of Our Most Important Relationships, in the United States next month, he called loneliness “a modern killer disease and the most common cause of death.” It will replace all candidates rapidly. ” Meeting friends in person can help you feel better, reduce stress, and improve your cardiovascular health. Conversely, being lonely is likened to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. And that’s not always heartfelt – sometimes it’s a shared laugh when a 4-year-old kid insists on eating a pizza bagel sprinkled on breakfast (her kid, not mine, for the record) ).

“Singing, dancing, laughing, telling stories, religious ceremonies, eating together, drinking together,” says Dunbar. It’s a strange business, It’s part of the social business we’re engaged in. Laughter is far more intimate than people can imagine. He pointed out that if you noticed you were in a bar in Ulaanbaatar and someone made a joke in Mongolian, you would laugh with him. There are all sorts of small social cues that react reflexively in front of others, and in reality there is no substitute for them. (Dumber snorted when I raised the Metaverse.)

Last month was my husband’s birthday. All this swirls in my head, so I got him a gift of friendship. Realistically, that means a monthly permanent reservation at a restaurant in the neighborhood, which means I’m not attending to share, serve, or have 672 consecutive dinners in the past (no one is counting). not). One friend pointed out that it was essentially a play date. But my hope is that when Omicron let go, this structured time is unstructured, so we move him to make room for the friendship that most of us adults crave. Most of them are priorities. It may feel as unnatural as Purel, but it can be argued that it is important for his well-being.

Omicron’s quarantine awaits me the simple joy of spending time with friends.Sophie Brickman

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