Omicron Market Road Map (3 Ways to Sleep Easier)


That’s all about the spirit of Christmas celebrations.

life is largely Returning to normal, the new COVID variant could turn the world upside down again.

Hmm …

Adam O’Dell, my colleague and chief investment strategist Last week I wrote about a variant of Omicron, And I agree with him.

Travel turmoil and global supply chain disruptions are expected, but today we are in a different location than last March.

Today, doctors have much more treatment tools at their disposal. And if you need new vaccines, you have the infrastructure to manufacture and distribute them. It can be a daunting and uncertain few months, but we don’t know that the next round of blockades will occur, especially in the midterm elections within a year.

That said, stocks that is We have entered this new era of uncertainty with the highest ratings since the technology bubble in the late 1990s … and at a time when the Federal Reserve is making a fairly dramatic turnaround.

So how do you trade this? Today, let’s take a look at some tips for surviving and prospering in the Omicron market.

Sell ​​to sleeping points

The old trader maxim says we should always fall asleep. What do you mean?

If you have a hard time sleeping at night, you are taking too many risks.

Adam is a trader than I am. I am a strategic allocator. But the same rationale applies.

Some time after considering the overall asset allocation, you may be exposed to more stock than you need.

In the beginning, the stock has been burning for years. Equity investments can now make up a much higher percentage of the portfolio.

Therefore, use omicron as an excuse to dig deeper into your portfolio. There is no reason to sell everything and run towards the hills. However, it may make sense to shrink your position.

Become a trader in the Omicron market

I’m an allocator rather than a trader. But that doesn’t mean I won’t trade.

On the contrary. I have most of my portfolio today in short-term trading strategies. I divide the capital between them to manage my risk. But my horizons here are short-term.

Traditional financial planning now shows that short-term transactions are risky and long-term investments are safe.

But that is only true at the superficial level.

If there is discipline, keep the position size reasonable and Diversification Short-term trading is often far away across several strategies Less than There are more risks than long-term investments.

please think about it.

Buy-and-hold investors lost half of their portfolio in the early-to-mid-2000s bear market. They have been on the market all the time.

However, if you measure the duration in days or weeks and have discipline on the size of your positions and sales rules, you will not suffer such losses.

It’s never shorter than Adam’s premium service, Wednesday wind and rain..

He proposes a new deal on Monday and closes it on Wednesday — every week.

Our team’s eight-month live internal beta test gave excellent results. By the end of that test period, accounts had increased by 977%, including winners and losers!

To find out how to add this short-term trading strategy to your playbook click here..

Follow your rules and adjust the news

I always know when to take quant traders seriously. Ask them if they could relax the rules of the model “based on market conditions”.

The answer must be as cold as a stone: “number.”

If they give an ambiguous or vague answer, I hang up. The systematic trading system works only if you follow the system.

The deaths of all quant traders, at least all the traders I have seen, occur when they do not follow the rules of their own model.

all right. If the headline is scary and the ticker tape is red, it’s difficult to keep your head horizontal. But it also goes back to my first point about taking the right risks. It’s easier to handle and respond to news if you don’t take too much risk.

So no matter what happens next in the Omicron market Follow your trading rules.. (By the way, Adam is a quant trader … and he becomes a T according to the rules of the model.)

Try adjusting the news. All the press have long understood that the way you keep watching, and the way you keep watching paid ads, is to keep you nervous and excited.

Don’t play their game.

Limit news consumption to a maximum of several hours a week.You will be more relaxed and you will make better decisions Investor..

For safe benefit

Charles Size More

Co-editor, Green Zone Fortune

Charles Size More Is a co-editor of Green Zone Fortune Specializes in income and retirement topics. He is also a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

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