Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    Oil tanker explosion kills at least 92 people in Sierra Leone

    At least 92 people were killed and dozens were seriously injured after an oil tanker exploded near the capital of Sierra Leone and crowded to collect leaked fuel, officials and witnesses said Saturday. rice field. The explosion occurred late Friday after a bus crashed into a tanker in Wellington, a suburb just east of Freetown.

    The bodies of Connaught Hospital reported that 92 bodies had been brought in by Saturday morning. According to Intensive Care Unit staff, Foday Musa, about 30 victims of severe burns were not expected to survive.

    The injured, whose clothes were burned down in the fire after the explosion, lay naked on the stretcher because a nurse was on the stretcher on Saturday. Hundreds of people milled outside the main gate of the morgue near the front door of the hospital, waiting for the words of their loved ones.

    The number of people being treated for burns was not immediately known as the patients were taken to hospitals and clinics in the metropolitan area.

    Explosion of Sierra Leone
    In this image, created from the video, people are walking with burning debris after an oil tanker exploded on November 5, 2021 in the outskirts of Wellington, the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.


    A video obtained by the Associated Press in the aftermath of the explosion showed a giant fireball burning in the night sky as some survivors with severe burns shouted in pain. The burnt debris of the victims was scattered around the site waiting to be transported to the morgue.

    President Julius Mada Bio, who was in Scotland at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on Saturday, lamented “a terrible loss of life.”

    “Deep sympathy for the family who lost their loved ones and the resulting injuries,” he tweeted.

    Vice President Mohammed Jurde Jaro visited two hospitals overnight and said that the National Disaster Management Bureau of Sierra Leone and others would “work tirelessly” in the wake of an emergency.

    “We are all deeply saddened by the tragedy of this country, and it is certainly a difficult time for our country,” he said on his Facebook page.

    Oil tanker explosion kills at least 92 people in Sierra Leone

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