Oil Stock To Invest In As The Market Reacts To The Omicron Variant


The past few months have been a fuss for the oil market. Oil prices were rising until last week’s news of a new Omicron coronavirus variant found in southern Africa.

Currently, a barrel of oil is below $ 70.

Adding the latest news from OPEC to this, it states that if the pandemic continues to change the market and there is one volatile oil market, the oil cartel has the power to quickly adjust its output. ..

But oil investors should not yet bow to defeat. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Bank of America Both crops believe that oil prices “much outweigh the effects of Omicron.”

Bank of America Corp predicts that oil prices will reach $ 85 and could reach $ 100 per barrel if air travel recovers.

Currently, the market may not be active, but there is one stock that remains “bullish” for us.

Chevron Corporation is described as “bullish” in our Green Zone Rating System. This means that Chevron expects to double the market in the next 12 months.

It’s in the green zone. That is, we believe it is worth the purchase … if you choose so.

Chevron’s current earnings per share is $ 5.17 and its market capitalization is $ 221. The dividend is 95.4 billion, the dividend is 4.78%, and the price-earnings ratio is 21.74. This is also a value stock. In other words, low-valued stocks tend to perform better than high-valued stocks.

Chevron Corp. is engaged in energy and chemical business management, financial management, and technical support provision. It works through the upstream and downstream segments. The upstream sector consists of the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas.

The downstream segment consists of refining crude oil into petroleum products. Marketing of crude oil and refined products. Transportation of crude oil and refined products by pipelines, ships, automobiles and rail vehicles.

Hopefully, for oil investors, this is just a smooth place in the market, and stocks like chevron will grow over time.

And, according to our Green Zone rating, that’s exactly what we expect.

Oil Stock To Invest In As The Market Reacts To The Omicron Variant Source link Oil Stock To Invest In As The Market Reacts To The Omicron Variant

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