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    OHP, TPD seeing increase in traffic deaths – Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-09-14 18:40:47 –

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Law enforcement agencies are calling on drivers to pay attention to the road after seeing an increase in road fatalities.

    according to National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau, Road fatalities increased by 10% earlier this year, and it’s no different here in Sooner.

    So far, 57 people have died in road accidents in Oklahoma compared to last year, according to Eric Foster, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper.

    “On state roads, even our municipalities and even smaller municipalities are reporting more deaths in areas we haven’t seen much in the past,” Foster said.

    According to police, the city of Tulsa has suffered more road fatalities this year than last year.

    “Currently, we are already 47 years old in the calendar year,” said Lieutenant Paul Madden, traffic safety coordinator at the Tulsa Police Station. It has already exceeded this year’s calendar year. “

    There are many reasons for the increase in road fatalities, from speed violations to bad driving habits. According to Foster, fewer people traveled early in the pandemic, and some on the road began to speed up and became aggressive drivers.

    He also said he had seen a surge in drunk drivers over the last 18 months. He said it accounts for the majority of these crashes.

    “Because it’s a drunk driving other than alcohol, other poisons, and perhaps even legal substances, outperform drunk driving,” Foster said.

    Both OHP and TPD are working to make roads safer.

    This month, the TPD regained its position as Lieutenant Madden’s road safety coordinator.

    “Chief Franklin saw the increase and decided that he had to do something very specific within the department to address the issue and prevent it from recurring,” Madden said. ..

    OHPs, on the other hand, are struggling with staff shortages and distributing soldiers as much as possible.

    “We are particularly focused on taking soldiers who are absent from work, working in specific areas at specific times, and trying to control these numbers,” Foster said. ..

    Inattentive driving is another factor in some of these crashes. Trooper Foster told me not to spoil anything that takes my eyes off the road. Safe driving protects you as well as the people around you.

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    OHP, TPD seeing increase in traffic deaths Source link OHP, TPD seeing increase in traffic deaths

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