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Most of us count the golden age of Michael Jackson’s career, where Quincy Jones created the global smash of thrillers and buds. Backed by video streams and multi-single releases (5 on Bad), records dominated charts, radio and MTV. But the real breakthrough happened just before Jackson’s first solo record, Off The Wall.

Born in Thrall during the disco era, it wasn’t hip, surrender to the feel of funk meets MGM. However, in the mountains around Woodstock, it was not possible to pry this record off the turntable. Today, with a simple voice command to Siri, the fog evaporates and becomes a pandemic, work, work, day and night work, melting year. And bass. My God, it drives us to live away from the walls.

Permission has been given to us. We need it. Whatever is prepared for us, the ditch captures the essence of our future and unleashes our hopes and dreams, our intuition. Can you think of a blend of vocals, horns, percussion, and coursing bass this way? Stevie Wonder Truck recharges the battery. The record fades out quietly and prepares the side one pump.

Today we lost a nightclub comedian as Norm Macdonald called himself on a YouTube clip. Like their best, his comedy was unleashed from him with orderly, fake stupidity, like the cop show of the ’50s. His genius could be seen in the faces of the weirdest people who made him appear on the show — Letterman, Reno, Conan, and the hilarious Dennis Miller who agonizes over his nasty HBO cable show. Talk away from the wall.

Miller defined this most selfish dark art, the joy of going crazy in an entertaining presence. In an uninteresting and intolerable era, these weird warriors lean on the whims of laughter. The careful construction of McDonald’s clever words was all richer for his seemingly purposeless pursuit of a sweet spot where the punch line was inevitably like McDonald’s.

As the world slowly regained focus, Apple released a new iPhone that could adjust reality after the fact. Knowing that this feat is impossible to recover what we lost and who, I am very grateful for the time we had in these great men and their wonderful moments. When the traveler reached the top of the mountain and asked the wise man about the secrets of his life, he replied, “Wait a minute, I’m on the phone.”

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