“Noway Home” could be the first $ 1 billion movie in 2021


Tom Holland starred as Peter Parker in Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.


“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is already Defeated domestic box office resultsAnd now, we’ve been able to tackle feats that other films haven’t managed in almost two years, with worldwide ticket sales reaching $ 1 billion.

In less than a week at the theater Marvel Cinematic Universe Flick has become the third most profitable movie in 2021 with over $ 751.3 million worldwide. Sony Reported on Tuesday.

Currently, the most profitable movie of the year is “Battle of Lake Changjin,” according to Comscore data. This is a Chinese movie released in November that has earned $ 94.9 million worldwide. Another Chinese movie, “Hello Mom,” which debuted in February, is second in the world with $ 9.4 million in ticket sales.

“I’m not betting on Spider-Man and his ability to climb the $ 1 billion box office revenue club,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore.

After fixing Over $ 600 Million Worldwide on Opening Weekend, “No Way Home” continued to record strong ticket sales on Monday and Tuesday, generating more than $ 150 million in global box office revenue. This trend is expected to continue towards the weekend.

It’s estimated that the movie will make up 50% to 70% of the opening hall this weekend, and “No Way Home” can easily exceed $ 1 billion.

If the movie doesn’t exceed that number this weekend, we might collect it sometime next week. Each year, eight days from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve is one of the most profitable periods for the film industry. According to Comscore data, this range typically accounts for 4.5% of annual box office revenue.

“Over $ 1 billion [in 2021] “Apart from the dramatic changes in the pandemic event, it’s a natural conclusion at this point,” said Sean Robins, chief analyst at BoxOffice.com. With Covid variants, vaccine distribution, and various market restrictions, this is a surprising achievement. “

Dargara Bedian also has a surge in cases of coronavirus, Omicron’s fears could ease movie ticket salesEspecially if you go back to shutting down the cinema.

On Monday, Quebec closed cinemas throughout the state, but similar moves are unlikely to occur in the United States, where there is less desire for mask obligations and even less for blockade.

“But this is a movie that doesn’t seem to be influenced by the power of all markets and works on its own multiverse to which the rulebook doesn’t apply,” said Delgarabedian.

Audiences flocked to the theater last weekend to catch a “no-way home” before potential spoilers were leaked online. Now they are back to watch repeatedly. This is common in MCU movies.

“$ 1 billion is a milestone that was beginning to be taken for granted before the pandemic,” said Jeff Bock, senior exhibitor-related analyst. “This should be widely celebrated by movie fans, because many believed that a billion-dollar milestone was impossible in this era.”

“Noway Home” could be the first $ 1 billion movie in 2021

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