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    Nothing ethereal about ethereum | Financial Times

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    The Ethereum blockchain has become prominent over the past year, supporting the non-fungible token (NFT) epidemic and the creation of decentralized finance projects (DeFi). So will Ethereum be the future of the Internet? Ask Richard Waters..

    This could be the platform of choice for the platform that became known as Web 3.0, where a set of distributed apps could one day challenge Big Tech’s products. “60-70% of the industry operates on Ethereum. It’s very sticky,” said Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, which has an increasing number of companies operating on Ethereum. ..

    As a result, the price of the Ethereum currency, known as Ethereum or eth, used to pay for the computing power needed to run the blockchain has jumped nine-fold. Ethereum’s unprocessed tokens are about $ 350 billion, worth more than 40% of all Bitcoins in question, more than double what they were a year ago.

    The investment world is still trying to understand the role Ethereum plays, but there are plenty of preparations to make trading easier. Reported by Joshua Oliver Robin Hood’s decision not to expand to Europe created an army of competitors on this continent, led by the German trading republic. Some of the apps have cryptographic integration. Scalable Capital, a German robo-advisor that has entered the equity and crypto trading market, says crypto is no longer considered “super freaky” among young investors.

    Bubble chart showing the scale of startup funding by five companies in 2021

    Internet of Things (5)

    1. US Regulators Review Safety Concerns at Blue Origin
    The Federal Aviation Administration Investigate safety concerns Raised by 21 current and former employees of Jeff Bezos’s space exploration company. Employees explained the allegations of serious cultural failure, such as sexism, overwork, and prioritizing speed over safety.

    2. Zoom and Five9 abandon $ 14.7 billion transaction
    Zoom Video Communications bids to buy cloud software providers Collapsed Just weeks after the US Department of Justice raised national security concerns about the transaction, shareholders were advised to vote against the acquisition by a strong proxy group. Rex says meIt was a good decision to stop the acquisition of the losing company.

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    3. Quantum jumps into the stock market
    The first quantum computer company to delist on the stock market Debut on Wall Street On Friday, we will mark a technology milestone that until recently was thought to take years to come into practical use. IonQ’s public listing was due to a merger with a special purpose acquisition company or Spac, which raised $ 635 million and began to pour more capital into its volume subsidiaries.

    4. Softbank’s Oyo reserves Indian IPO
    Oyo, a hotel platform supported by Softbank Apply for an IPO We hope to raise Rs 84 billion ($ 1.1 billion) from this. This is the latest in a deficit-run Indian start-up trying to open up India’s ferocious stock market. Lex’s comment Listing plans are unlikely to help rebuild the business.

    5. Investor Lasry quits Ozy Media board
    Billionaire Investor Mark Rasley Resigned as a chair In just three weeks, he played the role of Ozy Media, deepening the crisis for digital media companies. Ozzy was accused after a New York Times report questioned viewership and revealed that one of the founders impersonated a YouTube executive in a conference call with Goldman Sachs during the funding process. I did.

    Technical Tools — Fairphone 4 5G

    Amsterdam-based Fairphone extends phone life with modular handsets, and the latest sustainable smartphones add 5G and new robustness. I like Engadget Metal and glass casing Fairphone 4Compared to its predecessor, the thinner plastic. With a 5G, 6.3-inch Full HD + display, a 25MP SELPHY camera, and a 48MP main camera and ultra-wide camera on the back, it means there are few greening compromises.

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