Northwest Territories Health Card And Insurance


With the Northwest Territories health card, all residents of the territory will have access to cheap as well as quality health services. This is in line with the Canada Health Act which seeks quality health care for its citizens irrespective of wealth status.

Once you have a valid NWT Health Care Plan, it covers basic hospital and medical treatment. What it implies is that you will not pay a fee when you visit the hospital, health centre as well as medical clinic for treatment.

However, a person must be a resident of the NWT to be eligible for NWT health care. In order to get a resident status in NWT, you must have lived in the province for at least three months.

Therefore, once you have lived for three months in NWT, you can then apply for a Northwest Territories health card. With this card, you have access to free medical treatment in the territory. 

Before you can get, a health card in NWT, you must apply for it. Or else, you may not get one. To apply, you can pick up a form at a hospital, health clinic or even in a health centre. You can still call 1-800-661-0830. 

Apart from applying for a health card in NWT, you may qualify for an extended health benefits from your employer. Therefore, you have to ask your employer to know if you qualify.

Moreover, if your employer down not offer you health benefits and you don’t have health coverage, you can as well try private insurance companies on the territory. 

However, Northwest Territories have new immigration programs as well as new guidelines for minimum wage.

How To Apply For Northwest Territories Health Card?

In order to apply for a Northwest Territories health card, you must follow the steps below:

First step: apply for your health card by completing an application form. Forms are available at hospitals, health clinics as well as health centers across the territory. So, you can just walk in and pick it up. 

Second step: submitting a completed NWT Application for Health Care form. Applications must be signed. You can send it either by fax, mail or email to the Health Services Administration Office.

Third step: make sure to include all supporting documents. However, you can apply for your own health care card and for your spouse/partner and dependents on one application form. 

Fourth Step: you will receive a Northwesy health card once your eligibility is approved.

Requirements For Northwest Territories Health Card

All residents of Northwest Territories can apply for Northwest Territories health card. But before they can qualify, they must meet certain eligibility requirements. Therefore, residents must meet the required below based on their status.

Northwest Health Card Requirements For Students

Students especially international students in NWT with valid Study Permit can as well qualify for Northwest Territories health card. However, such students must have the intention of staying in the territory for at least 153 days in a year. 

In addition to that, the student must have stayed in NWT for three months waiting period. For this reason, you may need a private insurance plan once you enter Northwest Territories.

Requirements For Temporary Workers

Resident workers in NWT with valid work permit who also plan to stay for at least 153 days vin a year can apply for Northwest Territories health card. 

However, you must stay for the compulsory three months waiting period. So, you can get a private insurance plan for the three months.

However, new residents can also live in the best cities in NWT.

Requirements For Permanent Residents

If you are a permanent resident and you are able to prove residence status in Northwest Territories, then, you are eligible.

However, coverage will become effective after three months waiting period. Therefore, you can purchase a private Northwest health card. 

Northwest Territories Health Card Requirements

To get a health card in Northwest Territories, you must provide the following documents.

To prove your legal right to be in Canada, you must provide:

  • Canadian birth certificate;
  • valid Canadian passport;
  • certificate of Canadian Citizenship;
  • status Card issued by the Department of Indigenous Services Canada; or
  • documentation from Immigration Canada that shows an NWT address

For Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrants:

A copy of your Permanent Resident Card (front and back).

For Foreign Nationals:

  • A foreigners in NWT who desire to have a Northwest Territories health card must have:
  • A copy of your Study Permit
  • A copy of your Work Permit
  • Other documents by Immigration Canada.

Documents To Prove You Live NWT

In order to show that you live in Northwest Territories, you must provide the following documents:

documents showing your name and current home address in NWT (2copies)  

  • One utility bill 
  • Property tax form
  • Revenue Canada form 
  • Proof of employment 
  • Other documents issued by Government 
  • Statements issued by a bank, Trust Company or Credit Union (RRSP) 
  • Insurance Policies 

Health Care Card Renewal

You can renew your health card upon renewal. Therefore, if you want to renew your card. Then, you must submit a renewal form either by:

Email to [email protected](link sends e-mail)

Mail to:

Health Services Administration Office

Health and Social Services

Bag #9

Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

What Northwest Health Care Card Plan Covers

With your valid Northwest Territories health card, you can receive the following services.

  • Nursing services within the hospital.
  • Meals and accommodations 
  • Prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor and administered in a hospital.
  • Laboratory work, x-rays, interpretive services 
  • Use of anesthetics, medical equipment, and operating room.
  • Detoxification services
  • Therapy treatments 
  • Surgeries, anesthetics, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • Surgery when medically necessary.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care 
  • Procedures and treatments rendered by an ophthalmologist 
  • Certain dental services 
  • Complete coverage for eligible dental expenses 
  • prescription drugs.
  • Vision care 
  • Cost of medical travels 
  • Customary and reasonable charges to durable medical supplies and equipment 

What it does not cover

  • Coverage for private and semi-private rooms
  • All dental services not related to jaw injuries and/or disease
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Experiments.
  • Cosmetic processes.
  • General exams required by a third party.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Regular dental services 
  • Paramedical 

Northwest Territories Health Insurance Plans And Benefits

Once you live in Northwest Territories and you have a valid Northwest health card, you can have access to the various health care benefits. Therefore, the list below contains all available health care in NWT and their benefits. They include:

Affordable Health & Dental Plans

With this plan, you can get covered for health and dental coverage starting from $82.20 per month

Physician Services

If you have your valid Nortwest health card, the physician services plan covers the following:

Diagnosis and treatment of illness/injury as well as anesthetics when needed.

  • Surgery when medically necessary.
  • Obstetrical care 
  • Eye examinations, treatment and procedures provided by an ophthalmologist.
  • Some dental services related to jaw injury or disease.

However, the following physician services are not available

  • General examinations .
  • Cosmetic procedures.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Experimental procedures.
  • Optometrists.
  • Routine dental services
  • Paramedical.

Hospital Services

If you apply for hospital services with your health card in NWT, you will get covered for: 

  • Accommodation and meals 
  • Nursing services within the hospital.
  • Diagnostic services.
  • Prescription drugs that are administered in a hospital and have been prescribed by a doctor.
  • Radiotherapy treatment, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.
  • Use of operating room, anesthetics and medical equipment.

However, the following hospital services are not available:

  • Semi-private and private rooms 
  • Ambulance 
  • Cosmetic surgeries 
  • Dental services unless related to jaw injury and/or disease.
  • Alcohol and drug rehabilitation 
  • Experimental services.

Metis Health Benefits

With your Northwest Territories health card you can qualify for the Metis Health benefits. Hence, with your health card you will get access to the following services if you are a resident of Metis. However, you must also apply for the Metis health benefits program first.

Services under the Metis program include:

Dental services: This includes a 100% coverage for eligible expenses including routine checkups, cleanings, scalings, orthodontics. 

Vision care: This coverage includes expenses vfor eyeglasses, lenses, contact lenses that are prescribed by an ophthalmologist for certain conditions.  Sometimes, it even includes more than that.

All eligible residents who are more than 18 years have access to this service every two years. However, eligible residents who are less than 18 years can receive the service every year. 

Apart from the above mentioned groups, there is a coverage for reasonable and customary charges for durable medical equipment and supplies.

Though prior approval is required for this service. Included in this service are  diabetic supplies, wheelchairs, walkers, orthotics, oxygen supplies, prosthetics and pressure garments.

In addition, there is also prescription drugs with 100% coverage for residents of Northwest Territories who are eligible. 

The Metis health benefit also have services that covers medical travel costs. However, this must be a cost incurred as a result of traveling to receive treatment that is not available in your community.

However, if your medical travel expense is are related to dental services, then you must get a prior approval from Alberta Blue Cross.

Extended Health Benefits

Finally, with your Northwest Territories health card, you can have access to the extended health benefits. This benefit goes to both foreigners as well as Metis residents for specific diseases.

As such, it covers cost and expenses incurred for prescription drugs and medical supplies that are related to certain diseases. 



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