Northwest Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer Makeup Tutorial — Watch – Hollywood Life


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North share her Rudolph-style make-up tutorial on the adorable new TikTok video.

Northwest Rudolph is ready for Christmas!8 year old daughter Kim Kardashian, 41, and Kanye West, 44, share Cute makeup tutorial In her co-TikTok account, she shares with her mother Kim and incorporates the spirit of the holiday with Rudolph red-nosed reindeer-style makeup. In the video, the famous Christmas song plays in the background as North wears playful makeup such as red eyeshadow, filled eyebrows, and Rudolph’s characteristic red nose. North signed off with a sign of peace to ensure that followers had a complete picture of the finished look.

The eldest son of the Kardashian-West clan, wearing the same make-up, lip-synced one of the following and followed up on another video posted to a joint account. Jim CarreyA hilarious soliloquy from the 2000 Christmas Classic How the Grinch stole Christmas..


♬ Red-nosed reindeer Rudolph – Gene Autry

North first launched a joint social media account with a reality star mom in November.The pair posted only videos approved by moms like them First video North, who enjoyed her mother-daughter spa day, when she got into the hot water Became fraudulent I started TikTok live without Kim’s supervision. After that, the founder of SKIMS had to consider her children’s new presence on social media.

“Kim and her sisters have decided it’s time to turn on parental controls for all their kids to prevent this from happening again,” sources said. Exclusively shared When HollywoodLife On December 17th, “In addition to restricting accounts to prevent children from viewing content that is not suitable for children, all children can now enable family safety mode and create passwords for their children. You can create an account and remotely control your kids’ Tik Toks so you always know what you’re doing when using the app. “

Northwest and Mama Kim Kardashian came to New York in 2018 (Odette Martin / Shutterstock).

Sources further say that North does not have to completely restrict the use of mobile phones in general, but wants to be smart about the restrictions. “There is no more TikTok video Livestreaming without Kim’s knowledge, “said the insider. “It’s too dangerous, and North also knows she won’t even try to do this again. Kim isn’t a big disciplinary, but when it comes to the safety of her and her children, she’s always I’ll put my foot down. “

Northwest Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer Makeup Tutorial — Watch – Hollywood Life

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