Non-transparent ETFs face up to first big tax test


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Managers stuffing active strategies into an opaque ETF structure have found wrappers to minimize the tax effects of portfolio movements and paper profits.

However, the lack of redemptions from such commodities, coupled with the limited ability to use custom baskets in tax management, has led some opaque ETFs to pass year-end capital gains distributions with analysts. Executives say.

Of the 19 active opaque ETFs traded on January 1, 2021, 10 will make year-end capital gains distributions, according to a review of the reported year-end distribution estimates. According to CFRA, this is comparable to just 2% of equity ETFs offered by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Global Advisors.

Of the 10 portfolio shielded ETFs that distribute capital gains, only two transfer more than 5% of the ETF’s net asset value. The $ 9 million Natixis Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF estimates a 8.9% distribution, and the $ 7 million Natixis Vaughan Nelson Select ETF estimates a 16.2% distribution, according to the filing.

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Only one such ETF, the $ 98 million Fidelity Blue Chip Value ETF, is expected to distribute greater profits than its mutual fund counterparts.

Many active ETF sponsors enter the opaque market with clones of existing mutual funds and intimate stakeholders in the hope of rekindling the desire for active management in cheaper and more tax-effective vehicles. Did.

However, opaque ETFs did not have access to some of the most powerful ways managers could flush profits using physical creation and redemption structures. Move your portfolio in a tax-friendly way.

In addition, active strategies tend to have higher turnover rates than indexes. As a result, many active and opaque strategies have not been able to completely wash out the tax effects of strong stock markets.

Some executives say this is not a problem. Ed RosenBerg, Head of ETF Business at American Century, said:

He said the manager wanted the five Portfolio Shield ETFs to share 50% less profit than an equivalent investment trust.

Disclosures show that American Century has only one opaque ETF that is more than a year old sharing profits. The ETF version of Focused Large Cap Value is expected to distribute 2.06% of NAV, and equivalent trusts will distribute 7.59%.

Similarly, Greg Friedman, Head of ETF Management and Strategy at Fidelity Investments, said Fidelity “is what we’ve seen so far in that active equity ETFs are generally more tax-efficient than mutual funds. I’m happy. “

One of the biggest challenges for active managers’ ability to flush taxes was the fact that they were used as buy-and-hold investments and therefore did not have as much creation and redemption activity as index ETFs.

“A strong one-way trend in emerging markets makes it more difficult for ETFs to avoid profit sharing,” said Ben Johnson, Morningstar’s ETF Research Director. , There are fewer opportunities to clear the low-cost Basis securities portfolio. “

Active ETFs are also aimed at valuing stocks in a portfolio. This is what the manager is trying to create in parallel with the tax discussion. “First and foremost, we’re looking for Alpha. Scott Livingston, Global Head of ETF Products at T Rowe Price, said: The main focus is on getting the best results for investors, and then the cost. Is the problem of using ETF structures to reduce and have relatively better tax efficiency.

However, Livingston said the company had restrictions on how these profits could be washed away if there was “no trading activity for a period of time.” Still, he added, the company is happy with the tax efficiency the fund has shown so far.

Another challenge inherent in opaque ETFs is the ability to manage taxes using custom baskets.

“In the absence of redemption, custom baskets are paramount in translucent spaces,” said Terry Norman, co-founder of the Blue Tractor Group, which licenses its sponsors to its own Shield Alpha ETF portfolio protection technology. The custom basket allowed portfolio managers to move securities through a tax-effective cash exchange mechanism, he said.

However, it wasn’t until later this year that some ETF structures were approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Trade Markets Department to trade using a different basket than the index they track. And only the proxy basket portfolio structure created by Blue Tractor, NYSE, TRowe has such permission. Fidelity has an application for a custom basket awaiting approval, and Precidian’s ActiveShares structure uses a full cash basket to buy and sell stock.

The use of custom baskets was expected to ultimately help Natixis reduce ETF distributions, said Nick Elward, head of the company’s institutional products and ETFs. “Distribution was higher than we expected this year, but lower than the level paid by sister mutual funds of the same strategy,” he wrote in an email.

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