Nobody needs to drive a battery EV


Many people have a passion Climate change, But not everyone needs to drive the battery Electric car As a means of fighting it Toyota Motor Chief Scientist Gill Pratt spoke at the Reuters Event Automotive Summit on Thursday.

Pratt’s comments during the discussion about electric vehicles seemed to be amplified Last year’s remarks by President Akio Toyoda..

Officials from Toyoda and other companies say electric vehicles will play a major role in the reduction. Emissions, But other solutions Used, Toyota Gasoline electricity hybrid Model or hydrogen drive Fuel cell Electric car.

At the meeting on Thursday, Pratt said Toyota We believe in “drivetrain diversity” to provide our customers with a variety of tools to reduce CO2.

“You can’t predict which solution is the best, or say that this alone works,” he said.

Government incentives should aim to reduce carbon emissions, not which one to choose Automotive technology Pratt added that as a means of achieving carbon neutrality, he referred to the proposed ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, including hybrid vehicles, and was the best way to achieve these goals.

Toyota was one of the major automakers that supported the Trump administration in an attempt to ban California from setting its own zero-emission requirements, but the company withdrew its support earlier this year.

Toyota said it plans to invest $ 13.5 billion in EVs by 2030 batteryBut so far, plans to roll out new Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) appear to be relatively modest compared to plans from US automakers. General Motors Co., Ltd. When Ford Motor Co is spending about $ 30 billion each by 2025 to electrify more vehicle lines.

Toyota executives continue to promote the company’s benefits Hybrid carHas been on the market for over 20 years and the company has been exploring for a long time. hydrogen Fuel cell technology.

Nobody needs to drive a battery EV

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