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    No Way Home exceeds $ 1 billion in global box office revenue

    Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch will star in “Spider-Man: Noway Home” as Peter Parker and Doctor Strange.


    “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has accomplished something almost unthinkable in the era of pandemics. Global box office revenues exceed $ 1 billion.

    Collaboration between Sony When Disney According to comscore data, it was the first movie to exceed this benchmark during a pandemic and also won the title of the highest-selling movie in 2021. The final release of over $ 1 billion was the 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers. ..

    The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie reached $ 1.05 billion in global box office revenue on Christmas weekend, beating the Chinese movie “Battle of Chosin Reservoir” released in November.

    Paul Dergarabedian, Senior Media Analyst at Comscore, said: “It demonstrates the power of great cinema to attract fans around the world and enjoy a shared shared experience that only cinemas can offer.”

    Audiences flocked to the theater last weekend to catch a “no-way home” before potential spoilers were leaked online. Now they are back to watch repeatedly. This is common in MCU movies.

    Domestically, “Noway Home” is expected to hit about $ 81.5 million on the second weekend, down 69% from its debut. Most MCU films fall between 50% and 70% between the first and second weekends.

    “The partnership between these two Hollywood entities is clearly one of the big benefits for both,” said Sean Robins, chief analyst at

    The two companies have mediated a deal that allows Sony-owned Spider-Man to make an appearance in the Marvel movie world. The agreement not only meant that Marvel would be involved in Spider-Man’s solo project. Funded by SonyHowever, that character may appear in other Marvel movies.

    Tom Holland, who portrays Peter Parker’s latest iteration, has appeared in six Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including three solo features.Disney and sony In 2019, we renegotiated the deal and split production costs and box office revenue.

    According to Comscore data, 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming generated the second highest box office revenue of any Spider-Man movie released in theaters. Then, in 2019, Spider-Man: Far From Home recorded $ 1.132 billion in ticket sales worldwide, making it the highest-selling Spider-Man movie, initially surpassing $ 1 billion.

    “The symbiotic circles they form will be rewarded with characters that go beyond Spider-Man for a long time, if they continue to prosper creatively,” Robins said. “Results over the past few years show that it is in the best interests of all, perhaps to sustain such partnerships and inspire other tag teams across the industry.”

    No Way Home exceeds $ 1 billion in global box office revenue

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