Nine car-themed coffee table books


This year is also the time.Hot chocolate, warm blankets, and Good book Round with. Now, I’ve found some douzies that continue to entertain you during Jack Frost’s reign.These nine books are from Corvette Equation 1.. Large, heavy and beautifully drawn, these coffee table books allow you to visualize the story contained within while featuring a cover that can easily stimulate conversation.

Use one of these to expand your knowledge of the car, rather than attending yet another Netflix show this winter. Coffee table book.. You must learn something. Do not spill hot cocoa.

A new book for yourself or your favorite Porsche fan


Car: The definitive visual history of the car

This giant is one of the most popular and acclaimed car books on the market today. A 360-color page packed with cars of all ages, an invitation to expand your knowledge of cars.


Ultimate collector car

Taschen sent us a copy of this set of two books, which frankly surprised us. Checking in for £ 25.5 and boasting over 900 pages, this set covers the most desirable cars from the early days of driving to today. The cars on the page are worth a whopping $ 1 billion.


Formula 1: Official History

As Formula 1’s popularity gains momentum in the state, it’s important to brush up on its history. This comprehensive record examines all F1 World Driving Championships since the first race on May 13, 1950. The book highlights the rise of drivers, the excellence of different teams, and the biggest wins in the racing world.


Fast forward: The most unique car in the world

Dive into a futuristic concept car for years, this book contains some of the most wacky cars ever devised, along with legendary names such as Lo Res Car and Bertone. increase.


Porsche 911 Book

Anyone who is crazy about Germany’s most iconic sports car needs this book in their collection. Porsche 911 Book This historic model dates back to its roots in the humble Volkswagen Beetle. Overall, photographer René Staud and writer Jürgen Lewandowski have put together an excellent history of the essence of 911.


Corvette’s complete book

This comprehensive book covers all Vette models from 1953 and has been updated to include the new mid-engine Stingray. In addition to common models, this book also details prototypes, one-off models, and other random models, which even the most keen Corvette fans will be amazed at.


Invisible Porsche: Design Research

Invisible porsche Is a magical detail of what is happening at Porsche Design Studio. Photographer and filmmaker Stephen Bogner skillfully portrays how Porsche’s design philosophy is not just evolutionary, but innovative.


NASCAR: Complete History

Publications International, Ltd.

This 628-page masterpiece records a surprising number of photographs of NASCAR’s history each year. Inside, enjoy talking about drivers, trucks and cars from 1949 to 2016. The padded cover is perfect for motorsport fans’ coffee tables.


Porsche home

Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh

This fascinating book focuses on various Porsche collectors and enthusiasts around the world and takes readers to their luxurious garage. Detailing the motivations behind these incredible collections, author Edwin Basque tells stories from prolific Porsche celebrities such as Magnus Walker, Patrick Long and Hans Peter Porsche. Edit.

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Nine car-themed coffee table books

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