Nicki Minaj’s Covid Vaccine Claim Rejected by Health Minister: Watch-Hollywood Life


Nicki Minaj publicly claimed that his cousin’s friend developed “testicular hypertrophy” as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, but the theory has been denied.

Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister denied Nicki MinajClaim That her cousin’s friend developed a swollen testicle After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. On September 13, a “super bass” rapper tweeted that she wouldn’t participate. MET Gala The event required proof of vaccination for everyone who walked on the carpet because she did not want to be vaccinated. Her reason for not receiving the jab was a very strange claim that her cousin’s friend became “helpless” and “swelled testicles.”

Nikki Tweeted. “Trinidad’s cousin can’t be vaccinated because his friend was vaccinated and helpless. His testicles were swollen. His friend was a few weeks away from marriage, but now the girl is wedding. So don’t just pray about it and be bullied, make sure you’re happy with your decision. ” At a press conference The next day, Minister of Health Dr. Terence Dejarsin “I had to check and see if what she was claiming was true or false,” he explained.

He continued. “Unfortunately, we wasted a lot of time yesterday to carry out this false claim. As far as we know, no such side effects or adverse effects have been reported,” said Deyalsingh. Stated. “… So far, no side effects or adverse events like testicular hypertrophy have been reported in Trinidad or anywhere else. We don’t know anywhere else in the world.”

Nicki Minaj.Image: Mega

Deyalsingh also pointed out his frustration that he had to investigate the rapper’s very public claims. “The sad thing about this is that we wasted our time yesterday trying to track it down. [it] under. We take all these claims seriously, whether on social media or mainstream media, “he said. Dr. Anthony Fauci He also evaluated Nikki’s attitude towards vaccines during Nikki’s latest appearance. CNN.. An 80-year-old doctor and immunologist explained: Jake Tapper 38 year old rapper “Disseminate incorrect information.”

“Pfizer, Moderna, or [Johnson & Johnson] vaccination Do both men and women cause reproductive problems? Jake asked Dr. Forch. “The answer, Jake is definitely no,” he replied. “There is no evidence that it will happen, and there is no mechanical reason to imagine it happening.”

Nicki Minaj’s Covid Vaccine Claim Rejected by Health Minister: Watch-Hollywood Life

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