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    Nick returns and reunites with Meredith — Summary – Hollywood Life

    Meredith explodes from the past at the premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 18, with sparks with her [SPOILER].. In addition, Teddy and Owen get married, but Link and Amelia haven’t seen each other yet.

    Meredith is back where everything started Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Premier — at OR. When she enters the hospital room, she has a mother. Once again, Ellis Gray blames her daughter for surviving the unthinkable and performing only mediocre surgery. It is then that Meredith wakes up.

    Amelia and Link are still discussing getting married at the Scout’s one-year health checkup. Amelia admits she wasn’t a fan of Link’s surprise proposal. The two don’t seem to kiss and make up right away. Meanwhile, Hayes asks Bailey for a supper with her family. Of course, with her boy and Ben. He wants the boys to make friends after the pandemic. Bailey is surprised, so Hayes tells her to forget what he asked.

    Season 18 Meredith and Haze (ABC)

    Meredith goes to Minnesota

    Meredith heads to Minnesota Dr. David Hamilton.. Richard thinks she will soon get an offer for work. When Dr. Hamilton meets Meredith, he says she is Ellis’s “spitting image.” He dedicates a research library under the name of Ellis Gray.

    Megan and Evelyn Hunt appear … Teddy and Owen’s wedding! Riggs is clearly abroad. A biker crashes into a priest during a wedding! Teddy and Owen rush to the hospital where they work with Megan to save him. Unfortunately, the priest does not do that. Megan also revealed that she and Riggs broke up.

    Joe is about to return from maternity leave, and she is in full mama mode. When Schmidt appears to Joe and realizes that Joe is having a hard time. Her hair (new blonde) is completely confused and the baby is screaming. Joe is happy to accept Schmidt’s help.

    Kim Raver
    Kim Raver as Teddy in “Grey’s Anatomy”. (ABC)

    In Minnesota, Hamilton takes Meredith to the Gray Medical Research Center. This is not Ellis’s library. It’s actually Meredith’s lab. Hamilton tells Meredith that this lab belongs to her, if necessary. After all, he will be one of her patients. He wants her to help treat Parkinson’s disease.

    Meredith reunites with Nick Marsh

    At dinner with Hamilton, Meredith explodes from the past. She sees Nick Marsh out. Then one of the hotel workers told Meredith to head to the bar. Nick is waiting for her. She admits he didn’t think he saw her. He replies that she is “quite hard to miss.” Fainted.

    Meredith tells Nick that he is meeting someone. “Is it serious?” He asks. “No,” says Meredith. After all, she is lying. She is not dating anyone. “I’m not sleeping with you,” says Meredith, but she doesn’t really seem to mean that. Nick and Meredith catch up. His niece is now attending college. She was infected with COVID-19 and revealed that she had almost died. “So are you a miracle like me?” He says.

    Doctors and nurses will come together for another wedding to Teddy and Owen. Megan marries them in front of their close friends. At the reception, Bailey catches up with Haze. His son has a panic attack and he is seeking her help. She invites him and his family to dinner.

    Amelia & Link — Is it over?

    Amelia maintains her stance of not wanting to get married. Link tells her she wants a “lifetime” with her and doesn’t want to end it. Linking the proposal to Amelia again, she says no — again. Frustrated and upset links come out. He meets Joe and they talk about Luna and Amelia. I think the link really ended in Amelia.

    Nick takes Meredith to a hotel room, and the chemistry between them is sizzling. She hasn’t invited him yet, but he leaves with a smile. It’s clear that things don’t end between them.

    Nick returns and reunites with Meredith — Summary – Hollywood Life

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