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WThere may not be as many playoff spots on the line at this stage as promised when the league introduced a new 17-game schedule, but there are still. Many are at stake this weekend.. Besides the seed battle between teams that have already booked a postseason berth, there are five games that determine which team will participate in the playoffs. Preview here.

Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time / 6:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time)

What the Steelers need to win: Ben Roethlisberger must win this game if he wants to extend his career by at least one more match. Jacksonville Jaguars Confused Indianapolis Colts. Pittsburgh can only control what they control, which means shattering what is sure to be another tough and physical game against their longtime rivals.

What Ravens need to do to win: The chance is that Lamar Jackson will not come back, This is already a big drawback. The Baltimore season is very likely to end at the beginning. Too many players are on the injured list. Still, Ravens can at least play the spoiler by winning what could be a defensive battle and taking advantage of Pittsburgh’s mistakes.

Key players: TJ Watt, outside linebackers, Pittsburgh Steelers..In another bag, Watt Set a record for Michael Strahan’s single season 22.5, and 1.5 is needed to completely break it. Watt has played in an extended season of 17 games, but has only played 14 games so far (Strahan set a record in 16 games).

predict: The Steelers have defeated the cobblestone Ravens. Those who still need additional help to reach the playoffs Even if you win. But with the match in Florida over, it shouldn’t be a problem for Pittsburgh …

Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts (Sunday, 1 pm Eastern Standard Time / 6 pm Greenwich Mean Time)

What Colts needs to do to win: Will it appear? Colts is a much better team, playing in the postseason berth rather than avoiding the NFL’s worst record. They need to play so they don’t face the biggest embarrassment of the season. Because when you fall asleep in this game, Jaguar jumps at the chance to make your opponent a joke.

What Jaguar needs to do to win: Can they do it? Let’s do the truth. This game will be Jaguar’s Super Bowl if Jaguar can win. Sure, the organization wants to have the first option in this year’s draft, but the NFL team doesn’t want to go to that well for the second year in a row. This is a sign that the franchise failed to land Trevor Lawrence in last year’s overall top pick.

Key players: Jonathan Taylor, running back, Indianapolis Colts..Aaron Rodgers probably already has a second straight MVP, but Taylor Clinch a solid runner-up show By combining another rush game over 100 yards.

predict: Colts wins and clinches in the playoff spot.

Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints (Sunday, 4:25 EST / 9:25 pm GMT)

What the saints need to do to win: First of all, they need to expect the Falcon to be checked out and not filled with games that make no sense to them. Assuming Atlanta is playing a competitive game, the saints must expect them to get something out of an unstable quarterback position. Can Taysom Hill really be their guy?

What the Falcons need to do to win: Technically, the Falcons season is over, but now you can play the spoiler to end Saints’ attempt to sneak into the postseason.Like the Jaguar, the question can be as one of the wills as the ability (although). The team was already 0-2 against Hill As a starter; they may want to avoid 0-3 just for pride).

Key players: Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. This is an interesting Atlanta-centric subplot of the game. May be Ryan’s last match as a Falcons quarterback.. If so, it’s great to get things done with his home stadium victory.

predict: The Falcons win and end the Saints playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers (Sunday, 4:25 EST, 8:25 pm GMT)

What the 49ers need to do to win: at this point, Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury That means they haven’t announced a starter in the quarterback yet. Whether Garoppolo or Trey Lance, the Nainers should not seize the opportunity and give Mike Shanahan the opportunity to regret his choice.

What the Rams need to do to win: LA should focus on the laser, avoid scoreboard surveillance, and avoid if you want to conclude your division with a win.Even if you lose, Rams can still win the division If Arizona Cardinals loses to Seattle Seahawks..Oh, there’s a ball security issue: for Matthew Stafford There are multiple interception games, This is probably a rap soon.

Key players: Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle, Los Angeles Rams.. The defensive player of the year is Received the award again.. Some big play that helps his team finish the division title does not undermine his position.

predict: Rams defeated 49ers infiltrating the playoffs thanks to Saints’ defeat And other situations to be considered..

Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday, 8:20 EST / 1:20 AM GMT)

What the charger needs to do to win: This is how the league created it when they came up with the idea for the game for the 18th week. This is your chance to end the season in an old-fashioned winning contest. As always, the Chargers rely on the quarterback’s dynamic arms (in this case, Justin Herbert instead of Philip Rivers) to pull their opponents apart. If there’s one thing Chargers fans don’t want, it’s the team in the one-score game in the second half of the fourth quarter.

What the Raiders need to do to win: The Chargers are a more talented team than these Raiders, but Vegas is at home to play against teams that are prone to making mistakes later in the game. Raiders can’t play exactly conservatively, but they need to play smart, error-free football.

Key players: Derek Carr, quarterback, Las Vegas Raiders.. At this point, Carr is a known entity. He is a league average quarterback and has good and bad matches. This is his illustrious moment I will summarize the performance of the highlight reel.

predict: If it doesn’t collapse at the last minute, it won’t be the Chargers season. The Raiders will probably win at the last minute field goal and advance to the playoffs while the Chargers return home.

NFL Week 18 Prediction: Who Will Get the Last Playoff Place? | NFL

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