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    NFL, players agree to end ‘race-norming’ in $1 billion settlement – Riverside, California

    Riverside, California 2021-10-21 01:33:31 –

    The revised test plan follows public anger at the use of “racial norms,” ​​which was first revealed after two former NFL players filed a proceeding.

    Philadelphia — Racial-based adjustments to dementia tests in a $ 1 billion settlement of brain shake claims by NFL and thousands of retired NFL player lawyers, according to a proposed transaction filed Wednesday in federal court Agreed to end.

    The revised test plan follows public anger at the use of “racial norms,” ​​which was first revealed after two former NFL players filed a civil rights proceeding against it last year. According to critics, this adjustment could have prevented hundreds of black players suffering from dementia from winning an average of more than $ 500,000 in awards.

    According to the settlement, black retirees will have the opportunity to re-score the test or, in some cases, seek a new round of cognitive tests. The details were first reported on Wednesday at the New York Times.

    In a statement, NFL lawyer Brad Carp said, “We look forward to the prompt approval of the court of agreement to provide a race-neutral assessment process that guarantees the accuracy and impartiality of the diagnosis in the settlement of cerebral agitation.” Stated.

    Proposals that still have to be approved by the judge are months of non-NFL, class lawyers for retired players, and lawyers for black players who have filed proceedings, between Najeh Davenport and Kevin Henry. Following public negotiations.

    The majority of league players (70% of active players and over 60% of live retirees) are black. Therefore, the changes are important and are expected to be potentially costly to the NFL.

    “Future reconciliation programs will not use racial norms or racial demographic estimates, whether black or white,” the proposal said.

    To date, the Concussion Foundation has paid $ 821 million for five types of brain damage, including early and progressive dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lugeric’s disease, also known as ALS.

    Black player lawyers suspect that white men are eligible to win awards two to three times as often as blacks since payments began in 2017. It is unclear whether the racial breakdown of payments will be made or made public.

    A black NFL retiree, Ken Jenkins and others, have asked the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Department to investigate.

    The binary scoring system used in dementia testing (one for blacks and one for everyone else) is a rough way to take into account the patient’s socio-economic background. Developed by neurologists in the 1990s. Experts say it was never intended to be used to determine payments in a court settlement.

    However, both sides adopted a $ 765 million court-approved settlement in 2013, resolving the proceedings alleging that the NFL concealed its knowledge of the risk of repeated concussion. The fund was later capped, amid concerns that it might run out of money.

    This year, in a national assessment of race in the United States, both sides agreed to work to stop the use of racial norms that presuppose black players starting with lower cognitive function. It makes it difficult to show that they are suffering from the mental deficiencies associated with their play day.

    The NFL does not allow fraud under the terms of the contract. The league said it hopes that the new test formula, developed with input from a panel of experts, will be widely adopted in medicine.

    To date, about 2,000 men have applied for the Dementia Award, but only 30% have been approved. In some cases, the NFL has appealed the payments given to black men if the doctor did not apply racial adjustments. The new plan will forbid any race-based challenges.

    The award averages $ 715,000 for people with progressive dementia and $ 523,000 for people with early dementia. The settlement is intended to be implemented for 65 years for those who retired when first approved.

    “The NFL should be really angry about the norms of the race … it should be unacceptable to them and all their sponsors,” said Roxanne “Roxy” Gordon of San Diego, the wife of a former athlete with a disability. Said earlier this week.

    Amon Gordon, a graduate of Stanford University, realized he couldn’t work at the age of 40. He has been qualified for the Advanced Dementia Award twice, only overturning the decision for reasons that are not yet clear. His case is being heard in the Federal Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

    Almost 20,000 NFL retirees Register for the payment program and It provides monitoring, testing, and in some cases compensation.

    “It would be great if the new process eliminates racial norms and more people qualify,” said Jenkins, who defends people with disabilities without disabilities.

    “(But) we’re not going to get everything we want,” insurance company executive Jenkins said Tuesday. “We want full transparency of all demographic information from the NFL — who applied and who was paid.”

    US District Senior Judge Anita B. Brody, who has overseen the settlement for 10 years, has dismissed the proceedings filed by Davenport and Henry this year for procedural reasons. However, she later ordered the lawyers who negotiated the 2013 settlement, New York plaintiffs lawyers Christopher Seger (player) and Carp (NFL), to work with the mediator to deal with it.

    Meanwhile, Gordon and the other NFL families are waiting.

    “His life is ruined,” Roxy Gordon said of his husband, who spent nearly a decade in the league as a defensive tackle or defensive end. “He’s a 40-year-old educated man who can’t even use his skills. It was terrible.”

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