New York tallies record number of COVID-19 infections


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New York reported on Friday that more than 21,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 the day before. This is the highest daily total for new cases since virus testing became widely available.

One-day snapshots of virus statistics can be an unreliable way to measure trends, but new records began in late October in the western part of the state and steadily increased in New York City last week. Was interrupted.

A little less than half of the positive results cityThe line was stretched at the test station, and some Broadway and Rocket Christmas shows were canceling performance due to outbreaks between cast members.

The proliferation of infectious diseases should be a major concern, but given the rapid spread of Omicron variants, it was unavoidable, said Dennis, Managing Director of the City University of New York Institute for Population and Health. Dr. Nash said.

“We were already heading for a winter surge in the Delta, which is of great concern in itself,” Nash said.

“But on top of that, we overlay new variants of Omicron that are more contagious in terms of infection,” he said, saying that current vaccines may not be able to contain “more invasive” new vaccines. Stated. Mutant..

Nearly 10,300 positive tests reported by the state are in the city, roughly comparable to the state’s share of the population.

Across the state, New York averaged 13,257 positive tests per day over the seven days that ended Thursday. This is a 71% increase from two weeks ago.

The state’s highest positive test for the past day was January 14, 2021, with just under 20,000 positive.

Omicron variants urge New York officials to recommend indoor masking

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