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    New York sees increase in hospitalized children as Omicron hammers US

    New York health officials have reported an increase in hospitalized children as the number of cases of Omicron increases as the White House promises to quickly resolve the US COVID-19 test shortage on Sunday.

    The New York State Department of Health warned in a statement on Friday “on the increasing trend in pediatric hospitalization associated with COVID-19.”

    “We have seen a four-fold increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations for children under the age of 18 from the beginning of the week on December 5th to this week,” New York City said.

    Approximately half of hospitalizations are under the age of five and are not covered by the vaccine, the agency added.

    According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is increasing, with an average of nearly 190,000 new infections occurring daily over the past seven days.

    The arrival of new Omicron variants, coupled with holiday celebrations, usually including travel and family reunions, has caused a surge in testing in the United States, where it is difficult to obtain it in many places.

    Anthony Fauci, US’s top pandemic adviser on Sunday, acknowledged COVID’s “test questions” and vowed to make more tests available to Americans next month.

    “One of the problems is that it’s not fully available to everyone until January, and there are still problems with people who are having a hard time taking the test,” Fauci told ABC News. rice field.

    “But we’re working on a test issue,” he added, adding that it should be fixed “immediately.”

    On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced a number of new steps, including shipping 500 million free home tests in the wake of the Christmas test crisis as the United States fights the latest COVID surge.

    However, the White House, which has focused primarily on vaccination for weeks, faces strong criticism of the fact that many tests will not be available until January.

    “Very contagious”

    Fauci on Sunday emphasized that the administration was standing up to stand up to the surge, and Omicron emphasized that it was “very contagious.”

    Aside from the overwhelming hospitals and COVID testing sites, COVID variants had to be quarantined after the crew was called ill or exposed to the virus, so hundreds of flights were canceled in the United States. I was forced to.

    Recent studies in South Africa and the United Kingdom have shown that Omicron is less likely to lead to hospitalization than previous strains of the virus, and that hospital stays and patients’ oxygen requirements were lower, Fauci noted.

    However, he also warned that the apparently lower severity of Omicron is likely to be neutralized by how fast it spreads.

    “The problem we don’t want to be satisfied with is that when you have such a large amount of new infections, it may negate the actual reduction in severity,” Fauci said. Told.

    Fauci vows more tests as COVID’s Omicron hits the United States

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