New York allows non-citizens to vote under controversial law | New York


More than 800,000 non-citizens and “dreamers” could vote for New York City’s local elections as early as next year. Mayor Eric Adams Allowed legislation to become law on Sunday.

Opponents have vowed to challenge the law approved by the city council a month ago. Unless the judge discontinues its implementation new York Is the first major US city to grant non-citizens the right to vote in a wide range of local governments.

More than 12 communities across the United States, including 11 towns in Maryland and 2 towns in Vermont, allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. Non-citizens cannot vote for presidents, parliaments, or state elections.

The New York Election Commission must start the implementation plan by July. This includes registration rules and provisions for creating separate voting forms for municipal elections.

This is a watershed moment for the most populous US city, with legally documented non-citizens accounting for one in nine of the seven million voting-aged inhabitants. The movement to win non-citizen voting rights won after many setbacks.

The bill allows non-citizens who are legal permanent residents of the city and those who are allowed to work in the United States, including Dreamers, to choose mayors, council members, autonomous region mayors, and comptrollers for at least 30 days. Allows you to help. Public defender.

Dreamers are young immigrants who are illegally brought to the United States as children who benefit from a non-passing dream law or a childhood arrival postponement program that allows them to stay in the United States if certain criteria are met.

The first election that non-citizens are allowed to vote for is 2023.

“Including the voice of immigrants builds a stronger democracy,” said former councilor Idanis Rodriguez, who was responsible for the legislation.

Rodriguez, whose Transport Commissioner has been appointed by Adams, appreciates the mayor’s support and expects active defense against legal issues.

Adams expressed concern about the one-month residence standard, but later stated that those concerns did not mean he would veto the bill. There were some doubts about whether Adams could stop the bill, but the 30-day deadline for action expired in the midnight stroke.

Adams said in a CNN show on Sunday: I endorsed the concept of the bill. One side of my problem that I thought was problematic was the 30-day part.

“… I believe in conversation a lot. We have to start talking to each other, not to each other. And after hearing [colleagues’] From the rationale and their theory behind it, I thought it was more important not to veto the bill. “

Adams added: “In New York City, 47% of Brooklyn speak languages ​​other than English at home, so I think it’s imperative that people in local governments have the right to decide who to govern. I support the overall concept of the bill. “

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio had similar concerns as Adams, but did not exercise his veto before leaving the city hall at the end of the year.

Opponents say the council lacked its own authority to give non-citizens voting rights and should first seek action by state legislators.

Some states, including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida, have adopted rules that anticipate attempts to pass laws, such as New York City.

When asked what the bill would say to those who “ridiculed the idea of ​​American citizenship,” Adams told CNN:

“Being a member of what we call the United States is a great privilege, and I tell them to continue … Nothing keeps you away from that mission. This law does it. I have no intention of continuing to be a citizen of this country. “

New York allows non-citizens to vote under controversial law | New York

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