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    New virtual emergency room skips hospital trips – Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-05 16:08:23 –

    Medina, Ohio (WJW) – Traveling to the emergency room can be a long and frustrating experience, but the new virtual emergency room allows patients to skip a trip to the Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital.

    This allows paramedics to immediately treat patients with life-threatening conditions under the supervision of a doctor in the emergency room via a live video link on the iPad.

    “We answer the phone right away and pop up on the screen, so the response time is usually less than a minute. You’re facing an emergency doctor,” said Dr. Brian Graham of the Clinic’s Emergency Services Institute. rice field.

    The pre-COVID idea for a virtual emergency room was developed after studies showed that up to 15% of patients who called 911 could be treated elsewhere.

    The “Emergency Triage, Treatment and Transport” program is currently MedinaStarted by Akron’s Cleveland Clinic and designed to leverage front-line emergency medical skills under the supervision of Dr. ER.

    “Much of what they have is what we have [emergency department]So you can do a lot of the same thing on the fly through technology and just connect with them, “says Dr. Graham.

    In the case of trauma, or if the patient’s vital signs indicate a serious medical condition, the virtual setup is never used.

    One of Medina’s patients who benefited from the new virtual emergency room had a history of allergic reactions to bee stings. She called 911 and reported that she had been stabbed at work.

    “Historically, they give the patient medicine and take him directly to the ED. Instead, they called us, we directed the intramuscular medicine they gave to the muscles. “Dr. Graham said. “We were able to observe and talk to the patient and then leave the patient on site, but we could save transportation to the hospital and serve emergency medical staff faster to respond to the next emergency. I returned to. ”

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