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    New tour showcases Vegas’ iconic film locations, hidden gems – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-21 00:35:56 –

    Las Vegas (KTNV) — From the musical romance of Elvis Presley to the chaotic drug quest to find the American dream, the history of Las Vegas cinema has seen almost everything. But until recently, there is one movie experience that we haven’t actually experienced yet.

    Chris Ramirez, CEO of the company, said: Las Vegas Movie Tour..

    The company offers a tour that Ramirez describes as a “ride experience” from the Las Vegas Strip to the Arts District, highlighting where the iconic scenes were filmed and celebrating the city’s long and diverse film history.

    Large screen location scouting

    If Ramirez really knows one thing, it’s the film location. He was involved in location management for several blockbusters, including “Hangover,” “Hangover III,” and “Race to Witch Mountain.”

    Ramirez was responsible for finding and securing spots in the movie scene.

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    “Cool bars, or cool streets and cool alleys they’ve never seen,” he explained. Ramirez also helped coordinate the scene within the casino and drove the scene in collaboration with agencies such as the Nevada Highway Patrol.

    Let’s take a scene of “Hangover III” where a butterfly parachutes on a limousine.

    Chris Ramirez

    The Plaza Hotel Casino in downtown Las Vegas is adorned with fake highlights for the “Hangover III” scene. (Credit: Chris Ramirez)

    The production crew was unable to shut down the strip and shoot, so the landing was shot in downtown Las Vegas instead. Filmmakers decorate the Plaza Hotel Casino with fake highlights and decorate the hotel, he says.

    “I’ve been deeply involved in the film industry here and have loved it,” he said.

    Bring his talent to a “cinema with wheels”

    Now he brings his expertise to a new kind of cinema.

    “It’s a 25-seat cinema with wheels,” said Ramirez, the bus they use to ride. It’s not your average tour bus. Las Vegas Movie Tour Bus has a screen on the screen screen.

    “Once you pass through all the casinos and facilities where these movies were made, you’ll see a clip on your TV screen,” he said. “There is a graphics overhead, like the Fremont Street Experience.”

    Las Vegas movie Tours_AMY.jpg

    Amy Abdelsayed, 13 Action News

    Las Vegas Movie Tours is a new company that introduces iconic movie locations and some hidden locations in a “wheeled theater” from the Las Vegas Strip to the Arts District. (Amy Abdelsaid, 13 Action News)

    In addition to an immersive experience, there are tour guides who are all actors and artists.

    Jason Harris is a Las Vegas filmmaker and comedian. But on tour, he has another persona.

    “Did I choose my character? I agreed based on the idea that I was going to ride a Segway,” he said. Harris plays a Paul Brat type character. “I haven’t got on that Segway yet.”

    One of his favorite parts of the job is interacting with guests. “Each tour is different because it is based on the people around each group.”

    The guide doesn’t just make jokes. They know a lot about movies and have interesting facts to share. On the tour, I learned that Ed Helms actually lacks teeth.They incorporated it into a hangover movie

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    “This is a really loose environment. Jeff Carter wrote a great script for us. It’s a kind of foundation, but the creative freedom for all of us to make the tour our own. I have, “Harris said.

    The local Las Vegan knows the name Jeff Carter. He is a well-established writer and longtime journalist.

    In fact, Ramirez points to his team as part of what makes the project so good.

    “For many who know Las Vegas and know Las Vegas art and culture, I think there are some very talented people who thought there was no business to think stupidly with me,” he said. Said. “And they did, and that’s what made it interesting.”

    “And that’s what I think will make it really good.”

    A hidden gem that is easy to miss

    Ramirez, on the other hand, is full of interesting insights. As part of the tour, the bus stops at the Arts District, so you can visit the gift shop, which is not unusual for a tour experience at all.

    Until he points out that the business across the street was also used in The Hangover III. I’ve been to that part of the city many times and I didn’t know until he said something. In my defense, the storefront was different from the movie. Ramirez says they were designed by the filmmaker.

    “I think people will then get a lot of information they might not have known,” Ramirez said.

    Hangover storefronts.jpg

    Chris Ramirez

    A company in the art district with a custom store front for “Hangover III”. (Credit: Chris Ramirez)

    The most underrated Las Vegas movies are …

    “Hangover” was a big hit. To date, it is one of the highest-selling R-rated movies in the United States, according to multiple reports including: Newsweek When Screen RantBut I wanted to know what I thought the Las Vegas movie Ramirez was the most underrated.

    “Well, that is, on your own?” He asked. “‘Frank & Laura’ is an indie film we made and went to the Sundance Film Festival.”

    Watch the movie trailer for “Frank & Laura”:

    “It was set in New York and we changed the script to Las Vegas,” he said. “And we shot it all downtown. We used it like Frankie’s Tiki, Commonwealth, Downtown Tattoo, Jules, Carson Kitchen, El Cortez.”

    “So it’s this little movie that couldn’t have been made in Las Vegas — and it’s all in Las Vegas.”

    For more information on Las Vegas movie tours,

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