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    New study identifies gaps in treatment for opioid use disorder as overdose emergencies soar

    Deaths from opioid overdose have reached record highs, with emergency physicians prescribing medication-assisted treatments (MATs) such as buprenorphine and prescribing naloxone, a fast-acting drug to undo overdose. It plays an important role in the potential to save these patients.But new Annual report of emergency medicine Studies have identified important opportunities to improve prescribing of these drugs after visiting the emergency department for opioid overdose.

    This survey analyzed about 149,000 emergency department visits. Opioid overdose Between August 2019 and April 2021, naloxone was prescribed only after 1 in 13 visits (7.4%) and within 30 days, and buprenorphine only after 1 in 12 visits (8.5%). I decided that I was prescribed.

    “A visit to the emergency department for opioid overdose is an important opportunity to prescribe life-saving drugs such as naloxone and buprenorphine,” said Susan’s pediatric and medical services researcher, Dr. Chaopinchua. B. Meister Child Health Assessment and Research Center and Principal Research Author, University of Michigan School of Medicine. “Our findings show that the United States Death from opioid overdose It reached a record high. ”

    Opioid use disorder medications such as buprenorphine have been shown to prevent opioid-related deaths. However, medical professionals who want to prescribe buprenorphine must first apply for a permit from the federal government by obtaining what is known as an “X exemption.”This separate certification separates buprenorphine from its normal state. Health care Delivery is an important barrier to prescribing buprenorphine. Emergency doctor, According to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

    Increase Patient access For buprenorphine, the authors say the starting point is to increase the number of doctors exempt from buprenorphine. However, additional steps are needed, such as improving the coverage of this treatment and addressing prejudice against patients with opioid use disorders.

    Another barrier to access to naloxone and buprenorphine arises in pharmacies. For example, studies have shown that naloxone was prescribed after a visit to the emergency department due to an opioid overdose, but it was dispensed only 6.3% after the visit.

    This drop-off indicates that some patients do not meet their prescription when they leave the emergency department. The authors argue that this highlights the need for a takeaway naloxone program that allows patients to pick up naloxone and leave the hospital.

    “We hope that our findings will stimulate momentum in efforts to improve evidence-based care for patients with opioid overdose. Emergency department “During the follow-up visit, we must strive to maximize the prescribing of important medications that give patients a better chance of recovery,” Dr. Chua said.

    Reduced opioid overdose in patients taking buprenorphine

    For more information:
    Kao-Ping Chua et al, Prescription of Naloxone and Buprenorphine After US Emergency Department Visit for Suspected Opioid Overdose: August 2019-April 2021 Annual report of emergency medicine (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.annemergmed.2021.10.005

    Quote: In a new study, an overdose emergency obtained on November 30, 2021 from https: // (November 30, 2021) As the number of days) surges, gaps in the treatment of opioid use disorders have been identified. html

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    New study identifies gaps in treatment for opioid use disorder as overdose emergencies soar Source link New study identifies gaps in treatment for opioid use disorder as overdose emergencies soar

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