New studies provide reassuring data on menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination


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Many women have reported changes in physiology after COVID-19 vaccination, and the National Institutes of Health has allocated $ 1.67 million for possible relationship studies.

Currently, two new observational studies are short-lived, change-lived. Natural change In a normal cycle.

Dr. Victoria Mare, a reproductive specialist at Imperial College London, is watching these new discoveries carefully. BMJ today.

The first study used data from 3,959 Americans who recorded at least six consecutive cycles with a menstrual cycle tracking app.Of these, 2,403 were vaccinated and the rest Control group..

After considering other factors vaccination The second dose was associated with a delay of 0.45 days, but did not affect the timing of subsequent periods.

The most affected were 358 people who received both vaccines in the same cycle, with a delay of 2.32 days until the next period. In this group, 11% experienced changes in cycle length over 8 days. This is considered clinically important compared to 4% of the unvaccinated group. In all groups, cycle length returned to normal 2 cycles after vaccination.

In the second study, a group of 5,688 Norwegians were asked if they experienced certain menstrual changes (such as unexpected breakthrough bleeding or worse than normal menstrual pain) in the cycle before and after each vaccination. ..

High levels of variability in the normal cycle were highlighted by the first finding that 38% of participants reported at least one change from normal in the pre-vaccination cycle, 39% after the first vaccination, the second. It increased to 41% after administration.The most commonly reported post-vaccination changes were heavier than normal Limit..

The findings from both of these studies are encouraging: changes in the menstrual cycle occur after vaccination, but they are small compared to natural changes and quickly reverse, says the man.

However, she points out that the changes observed in the United States and Norway do not always occur here, as it is not possible to vaccinate both vaccines in the same cycle under the UK vaccination schedule.

A study using data from the same UK user Menstrual cycle Tracking apps, like the US survey, are expected to reveal this point soon, she said.

Meanwhile, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) states that current evidence does not support a link between menstrual changes in the UK and COVID vaccination, and those who notice the menstrual changes have a cycle. , Or those who have new vaginal bleeding after menopause are treated according to the usual clinical route.

Men add that much of the general concern about this issue stems from false information that the COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility in women.

Although there is already evidence that this is not the case, it has also been suggested that infection with COVID-19 may reduce sperm count and quality, but a better understanding of the effects of both infection and vaccination on fertility. This can improve patient counseling. This is of particular concern, she writes.

While these studies represent a step in the right direction, she says there is still much to learn. For example, she understands how changes in menstruation occur after vaccination, determines if the group is particularly vulnerable for proper counseling, and the extent and persistence of these changes. Is better defined.

“The widespread public interest in this topic highlights how urgent concern this is for the general public, when we started listening to them,” she concludes.

COVID-19 vaccination associated with a slight temporary increase in the length of the menstrual cycle, studies suggest

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Editorial: Menstruation and COVID-19 Vaccination, BMJDOI:

Quote: New study: COVID-19 vaccination obtained on January 26, 2022 from https: // (January 26, 2022) Provides reliable data on changes in menstruation after the day)

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New studies provide reassuring data on menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination Source link New studies provide reassuring data on menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination

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