Thursday, January 27, 2022

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    NEW NFT PROJECT ! l The Museum of Metaverse : Infinity Capsules l ”Only On Foundation”

    The new NFT Project : The Museum of Metaverse introduced by an Architect and his team is coming soon on

    The first phase of the project is ”Infinity Capsules.”

    What is the Museum of Metaverse?

    Famous people leave many things behind them such as photos, songs, books, sayings, and ideas and through these, we can remember them. Their names are engraved in our minds, and we commemorate them in their death anniversaries. But what about the others?

    The Museum of Metaverse will preserve each of its artwork and the owner of the artwork, by staying up-to-date even after generations, because this Digital Museum is designed by its creators with the purpose of “keeping it open forever” in mind. With its Virtual Reality support, the museum will be open for visits at any time and any place in the world for free.

    The artworks are designed in 2D and 3D and will be displayed in the museum. The value of the Digital Museum of Metaverse will increase day by day with new technologies and it will incorporate new artworks and artists into its structure. The Digital Museum of Metaverse will take its first steps of becoming an official international museum in accordance with its aims.
    Our main goal is to be the first official Virtual Reality-supported Museum of the Metaverse that displays unique artworks.

    Virtual Reality-supported Museum of Metaverse is planned as 10 thousand square meters. This magnificent structure will comprise of one-floor plan, and it will not contain ordinary human needs.

    Our motto is: “Only Art.”

    The museum of Metaverse, which will be 3D modeled by the specialist team of architects and software developers, will display not only artworks but also sculpture models, 3D models of artists, and the owners of the artworks.

    Metaverse Capsules: Many of the artworks in the museum will be preserved by these capsules. With these infinity capsules, artworks will be displayed in the Metaverse forever.

    The first participant of the Museum of Metaverse is Pepe. The artworks of Pepe, which is one of the biggest memes of the internet, will be displayed as the first artworks of the Museum of Metaverse. “Feels Bad Man” the sad man that we all know will make you feel good with the Museum of Metaverse. In here he is, “Feels Good Man in the Museum of Metaverse. He has taken its place along with the infinity capsules. What is next?
    The Museum of Metaverse is under construction. You can learn more on our website.

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