New dinosaur discovery with slashing tail never seen before – Riverside, California


Riverside, California 2021-12-02 08:54:46 –

Dog-sized dinosaurs tricked researchers who initially thought they belonged to another family. It also has a tail weapon, unlike what is found in other animals.

The fossils found in Chile are of the size of a dog that looks strange Dinosaur seeds Scientists reported on Wednesday that they had a unique slashing tail weapon.

A few dinosaur It had a spiked tail that could be used as a stinging weapon, and others had a tail in the club.New species described in the study of Journal Nature, Have Animals you’ve never seen before: Seven sets of “blades” placed side by side like sliced ​​weapons used by ancient Aztec warriors, described by lead author Alex Vargas.

“It’s a really rare weapon,” said Vargas, a paleontologist at the University of Chile. “A book on prehistoric animals for kids needs to be updated and put this strange tail in there …. it just looks crazy.”

Plant-eating creatures initially had a combination of features from different species that led paleontologists the wrong path. The back end, including the tail weapon, StegosaurusSo the researchers named it stegouroselengassen.

After Vargas and his team examined skull fragments and performed five different DNA analyzes, they concluded that it had a distant relationship with Stegosaurus.Instead, it was a rare member of the Southern Hemisphere, like a tank. Ankylosaurus Dinosaur family. (Although the name Stegosaurus is solid and can easily be confused with the more famous Stegosaurus.)

Vargas called it “the branch of the lost family of Ankylosaurus.”

According to Vargas, fossils are about 72 to 75 million years old and look like adults in terms of bone fusion. According to Vargas, the front edge was flat on the belly and the rear edge was down to a low level, making it look like it was stuck in a quick sand.

From the bird-like nose to the tip of the tail, Stegulo stretched about six feet, but only up to the human thigh, Vargas said.

The tail was probably for protection against large predators, which was also likely turned off by the protruding armor-like bones that made Steguro “chewy”, Vargas said.

Not only is this a “really strange tail”, but it is from “a region that has never produced this kind of animal”, far south of Chile, at Macalester College, which did not participate in the study. Biologist Christie Curry Rogers said. ..

“When it comes to a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of dinosaurs, we just scratched the surface,” Rogers said. “Stegourus reminds us that if we look at the right place at the right time, we still have a lot to discover.”

New dinosaur discovery with slashing tail never seen before Source link New dinosaur discovery with slashing tail never seen before

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