New device invented on an attic sewing machine will improve lives of those with stoma bags


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The new device invented in the attic sewing machine has revolutionized the lives of thousands of people with stoma bags, and with expert support from the Heriot-Watt University Medical Device Manufacturing Center, the NHS has spent considerable time. We plan to save money.

In the UK alone, one in 400 people undergoing surgery has a stoma bag to make an opening for excrement. This technique is used to treat and manage a variety of medical conditions, including several cancers, Crohn’s disease, and defecation incontinence.

Individuals are encouraged to lead a normal life, but leaks from the bag are common and lead to embarrassment and loss of self-confidence and dignity.

Leaks in the stoma bag cost the NHS a great deal of time and money. For inpatients, replacing a dirty bed is a 38-step process that can occur multiple times a day, but surgery must be stopped to sterilize the area and equipment. Elderly patients cannot be discharged if the bag leaks. This can lead to the availability of highly needed hospital beds. Skin management is also an ongoing problem.

Today, South Lanarkshire women are changing their lives with inventions that include leaking stoma bags, pulling them away from the skin and allowing people to replace their bags without embarrassment.

By working with Heriot-Watt University to prescribe the device, thousands of people appear to benefit.

Both Ann Inch and her husband, Ian, wear a stoma bag. She explains: “Ian was in the hospital and leaked his bag nine times a day. Changing hospital sheets had a huge impact on nursing time, and Ian was naturally suffering. Go home and throw away. I designed Confi Plus using the sheets from.

“ConfiPlus is highly absorbent, so even if the trash is absorbed and the bag leaks, the user has time to move and replace it. The next day, when I brought my design to the hospital, the nurses said how effective it was. I couldn’t believe it. “”

Lisa Crombie helped Anne set up Confidence Plus Ltd, the company behind ConfiPlus.

“The products on the market haven’t shaken for years, and there’s little investment back in design and development. Today’s accessories prevent leaks from the start with sticky dressings. But this means people don’t know it’s leaking until it’s too late and it means that skin irritation will occur soon. By making the device available in prescriptions and care facilities, the device We want to reach everyone who needs it, but for a small company like us, navigating the route to get NHS to adopt the device is a difficult process, so we went to Heriot-Watt University. I asked for expert support. “

Professor Marc Desmulliez of the Heriot-Watt University Medical Device Manufacturing Center (MDMC) said: Clinical setting as soon as possible. Navigating the clinical evaluation process is difficult and cumbersome for a new company. The NHS regulatory situation is inevitably complex to protect patients, but it saves significant NHS costs, reduces nurse intervention, and delays the introduction of products that may free beds. It will also be.

“MDMC was founded to help people like Anne and Lisa go through the difficult roads of medical device regulation and prepare product cases for new items to be available on prescriptions. As a way to support Scottish innovation, SME supports it for free. ConfiPlus is currently available in stores, but everyone should be able to wear a stoma bag with dignity and this type of product. I strongly believe that we should not rely on our financial ability to pay.

“Usually when you get medical care Terminal For hospitals, you can benchmark with a similar product, but this product is unique. It is very difficult for SMEs to put together a clinical assessment, so MDMC can intervene, find the right specialists to advise the company, find the right hospital for the trial, and maximize the chances of hiring. increase. ConfiPlus is the first company in Scotland to use a new tool developed by NICE to create effective medical technology assessment documents. “

ConfiPlus is now available for purchase

The Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing has released the latest statement on preoperative stoma site marking.

Quote: The new device invented in the roof sewing machine is the stoma bag acquired from https: // on January 25, 2022 (1 2022). May 25) Improves the lives of people with bag.html

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