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    Netflix’s Tudum: What (and when) is today’s event hyping Stranger Things, Cobra Kai and more?

    Netflix’s Tudum will be a three-hour “fan event” on September 25th.


    Netflix‘NS Tudam A 3-hour online “fan event” starting on Saturday. Named after the unique drum beats at the start of the Netflix audio logo, Tudum is set to over 100 hype. Netflix A title that includes first-time clips, new trailers, and conversations with stars and creators.

    Netflix has already summarized much of what it presents. The following sections have full details, but the highlights are: Stranger Things, There is no release date for the 4th season yet.See the rethinking opening theme to the live-action restart of Cowboy Bebop (NS Original title sequence Symbolic for cult-loving anime fans); new clips and trailers from big titles Cobra Kai4th season, BridgertonSecond season, Welcome to OzarkLast season, Emily in Paris‘Second season, Red Notice, Don’t look up, Sandman A growing franchise based on The witcher..

    Another title in the limelight is La Casa de Papel (also known as La Casa de Papel). Money Heist), crown When Mystery, And movies like Difficult to fall Sequel to extract When Old guard..And before Tudum trailer Also shown Elliot Page I will be in charge Umbrella Academy, His first major on-screen role was later filmed He publicly announced that he is a trance..

    Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s new spin to hype the original, including the full schedule below.

    What is Tudum?

    Tudum will be some 3-hour online video showcase of Netflix’s big original title. The company has recruited and introduced dozens of stars. They discuss the show and help release new details, clips, teasers and trailers.

    This kind of big tent virtual event is the first of its kind by Netflix, which dominates the streaming world as the largest subscription service. 209 million subscribers..But despite its dominance, Netflix still faces fierce competition with emerging streaming rivals: Disney plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus others. Tudum highlights new marketing experiments that strengthen Netflix’s commitment to various fandoms.

    Except for the information contained in the event trailer and the hourly summary released on Thursday, there isn’t much precedent for what to expect. However, Netflix experimented with other online fan events during the pandemic. This includes a unique nerd week riff at a five-day virtual comic con-style event in June.

    Tudum is reminiscent of events such as ComicCon, Disney’s D23, and DC FanDome. These events aim to take advantage of the well-established fan-based enthusiasm. Tudum seems to be Netflix trying to create its own version.

    However, Netflix has yet to develop a global and passionate fandom comparable to Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars, WarnerMedia’s DC, ViacomCBS’s Star Trek and more. Stranger Things, and more recently The Witcher, are the closest. But like Jupiter’s Legacy, there are other attempts. This is a superhero drama series that Netflix is ​​reportedly well above budget just to abandon plans for future seasons just a month after its premiere. (However, Netflix hasn’t given up: other projects in the so-called mirror world of comic writer Mark Millar are still going on like anime. When A live-action interpretation of Super Crook with a focus on villains. )

    For one thing, Netflix doesn’t have the same multi-faceted business model as Disney, and can liven up fandom with theatrical films, spin-off shows, amusement parks, cruise experiences, and mountainous products. Netflix flirts for sale Own store products Recently, that effort has just begun.

    When is Neftix’s Tudum fan event?

    Tudum will be a 3-hour online stream starting Saturday 9am (Pacific Standard Time) / Noon (Eastern Standard Time).

    Earlier that day, Netflix will host another online fan event, called the Pre-Show, from 5am to 8am, focusing on Korean, Indian and anime titles.

    How can I see it?

    Netflix streams Tudum for free at the same time on most of its major social media channels and accounts. Main YouTube channel, And its twitter, Cramps When Facebook page. (Ironically, you can’t watch the event on Netflix itself.)

    Tudum is streamed in a variety of languages ​​on many of Netflix’s localized YouTube channels (all listed and linked near the bottom of the event). website). Pre-shows focusing on Korean, Indian and anime will take place on the relevant localized YouTube channels.

    What is your schedule?

    On Thursday, Netflix provided an hourly summary of what to expect during Tudum. Its full hourly summary is embedded at the bottom of this section.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    Tudam Hour One

    • Red Notice -Dwayne Johnson premieres an exclusive action comedy clip starring Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.
    • Stranger Things Season 4 –Netflix has a card close to his chest about what Tudum reveals about the fourth season of the hit series, but there’s no premiere day yet. Tudum teaser already shows some Stranger Things Cast members who appear in the event.
    • Bridgerton -Casts from the first two seasons will discuss the series and debut their first look at Season 2.
    • La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist -I have Star Alvaro Morte, but Netflix doesn’t elaborate on what to expect.
    • Welcome to Ozark -Jason Bateman will premiere the first video in the final season.

    To Dam Hour 2

    • Sandman -Fantasy series based on Neil Gaiman DC Comics, Release character posters as well as first-time videos from the show.
    • In “Anime Spotlight”, Super Crook, Ultraman, I want to cry, I talk about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, Aggressive Retsuko, Bright: Samurai Soul.
    • extract -Star Chris Hemsworth teases the next sequel to the action movie. This was the most watched title on Netflix to date (according to the company’s own controversial indicators).
    • Cobra Kai Season 4 -The martial arts series releases Sneak Peak.
    • Mystery -It is expected that some details about this anime series based on League of Legends will be revealed.
    • “Unscripted TV Spotlight” May Touch New Tiger King season.
    • Cowboy Bebop -A live-action reboot of a cult-loving anime show debuts a rethought-out opening title sequence.

    To Dam Hour 3

    • Emily in Paris Season 2-Cast will premiere the first teaser of the second season and announce the release date.
    • crown Season 5 -Imelda Staunton, who is on the cast to portray Queen Elizabeth in the award-winning series on British monarchy, 5th season of the show Configuration.
    • Umbrella Academy The cast of the Season 3-Superhero series answers fans’ questions from behind the scenes of the filming that was wrapped earlier this year.
    • Army of thieves -Filmmaker Zack Snyder helps introduce a new trailer to this prequel Army of the Dead Zombie robbery movie, one of the most watched titles on Netflix in the summer.
    • Don’t look up -The star-filled comedy releases a new clip from the movie, featured by star Jennifer Lawrence and writer / director Adam McKay.
    • Enola Holmes -Star Millie Bobby Brown will discuss something related to the next sequel to the popular Sherlock Holmes comedy caper movie.
    • The witcher –Netflix promises “a lot of news” including the first look related to this fantasy franchise. The franchise will release the second season of the original show in December, followed by a miniseries the day before.

    The complete agenda released by Netflix has additional titles to watch.

    Tudum Agenda NS jonathan_skillings

    Which shows or movies will be “on stage” during Tudum?

    In early September, Netflix lined up the titles that will be joining Tudum in alphabetical order as follows: Additional titles will be displayed during Tudum, but the previous list includes:

    • Aggressive Retsuko
    • I want to cry
    • Través de mi Ventana
    • Mystery
    • Army of thieves
    • Black crab
    • Big mouth
    • Bridgerton
    • Bright: Samurai Soul
    • Bruise
    • Chestnut man
    • Cobra Kai
    • Black and white choline
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • crown
    • Dark Desire
    • Deborta Aos 15
    • Don’t look up
    • Emily in Paris
    • extract
    • Find Anamica
    • The floor is lava
    • Difficult to fall
    • Hellbound
    • Heila Mandy
    • human resources
    • Interceptor
    • Inside job
    • La Casa de Papel
    • Old guard
    • Welcome to Ozark
    • Maldives
    • My name
    • new world
    • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: Movie
    • Rebelde
    • Ritmo Salvaje
    • Red Notice
    • Sandman
    • sex education
    • The Silent Sea
    • Soybean Georgina
    • Stranger Things
    • Super Crook
    • Ultraman
    • Umbrella Academy
    • Viking: Valhalla
    • The witcher
    • Witch: Origin of Blood
    • Young, famous and African

    Which stars are appearing in Tudum?

    Also, at the beginning of September, Netflix shared a list of celebrities and creators set up to join Tudum. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Jennifer Aniston
    • Jonathan Bailey
    • Jason Bateman
    • Zazie Beetz
    • Halle Berry
    • Millie Bobby Brown
    • Manolo Cardona
    • Henry Cavill
    • John cho
    • Lily Collins
    • Nicola Coughlan
    • Maduri Dikt
    • Idris Elba
    • Nathalie Emmanuel
    • Kevin Hart
    • Chris Hemsworth
    • Dwayne Johnson
    • Jung Hae In
    • Kai
    • Kim Hee Chul
    • Joe Keery
    • Regina King
    • Nick Kroll
    • Jennifer Lawrence
    • Ralph Macchio
    • Jonathan Majors
    • Gaten Matarazzo
    • Adam McKay
    • Caleb McLaughlin
    • Alvaro Morte
    • Elliot Page
    • Elsa Pataky
    • Maite Perroni
    • Maitreyi Ramaklishnan
    • Noomi Rapace
    • Adam sandler
    • Matthias Schweiefer
    • Mysa Silva
    • Lily Shin
    • Zack Snyder
    • Song Kang
    • Alejandro Spyzer
    • Omar Sy
    • Charlize Theron
    • Kenjiro Tsuda
    • Finn Wolfhard
    • William Zabka

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