Monday, October 25, 2021

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    Netflix says its programming is back on pace after pandemic slowdown

    Video Streamer’s TV director says Netflix plans to deliver a “steady-paced” show until the end of 2022, after the pandemic production delays have been less than expected for the show earlier this year.

    Bela Bajaria, Global Head of Television at Netflix, said:

    “Unless something happens [with the pandemic]However, what is currently being distributed remains stable until 2022. .. ..All of these [shows] Is in the post [production] I finished shooting. “

    The stable flow of popular TV shows and movies has proven to be important for Netflix subscriber growth and, by extension, stock price growth. Netflix suffered Sudden deceleration With the addition of subscribers in the first half of 2021, management accused the content offering of being lighter due to delays in the production of Covid-19.

    Bajalia also dispelled concerns about the possibilities Strike among Hollywood crewThey say they aren’t earning a living wage, even though tech companies are benefiting from the streaming boom. About 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers, including cameramen and hair stylists, voted for the strike this week. This is the first outage since 1945 and will stop production nationwide.

    “When it comes to production, there are strikes everywhere. We are on the lookout,” said Mr. Bajaria. “But everyone seems to be really involved in finding a solution.”

    Netflix executives predicted that growth would heat up later this year and that the following shows would come back: sex education.. The company has recently been successful with the following hits: Squid game, The Witcher When Seinfeld next door, Start a busy release schedule until the end of the year.

    Wall Street has noticed that it has pushed Netflix’s stock to an all-time high this week as investors expect better subscribers through stronger program offerings.

    Dystopian Korean Drama Series Squid game Has become the most popular Netflix show in the United States and the first Korean title. CEO Ted Sarandos said it could be the company’s show. Biggest show All the time.

    “We always knew [Squid Game] It will be a big title in South Korea and Southeast Asia, “said Bajaria. However, “I had never seen it before, so I couldn’t imagine what would happen.”

    The Asia Pacific region has become an important region as it accounted for two-thirds of Netflix’s new subscribers in the last quarter and has been suspended from registration in the United States. Netflix plans to spend $ 500 million on movies and TV shows in South Korea this year.

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