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    Netflix is launching a trio of members-only casual games in Poland, Italy and Spain – TechCrunch

    Netflix is ​​expanding the promotion of mobile games and will launch three more game titles. These titles will only be available to Netflix members in some European markets. Today, the company is introducing three casual games to Netflix members in Spain, Italy and Poland: Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up and Card Blast. Netflix recently launched marketing The first member-only mobile game in the Android app.

    Similarly, new titles will be available using the same model. New in the Netflix app[ゲーム]Through the tabs, members go to the list of games in their local Google Play store. Here, download and install the game like any other app. However, when you log in, you will need your Netflix credentials to start playing.

    The new game is completely free to play, with no ads or in-app purchases. Netflix[ゲーム]The first two titles launched on the tab were associated with the popular series “Stranger Things,” but these new games have nothing to do with Netflix movies and shows. Instead, it’s a simple, casual game aimed at appealing to a wide range of gamers. These represent an increase in Netflix’s investment focused on making mobile games part of a wide range of entertainment services that are growing to include more than streaming content.

    The game arrives in Poland today and joins the existing “Stranger Things” title. Meanwhile, Netflix members in Italy and Spain will have access to both the new game trio and the two existing “Stranger Things” games.

    The addition will officially begin at 8am PT, which is 5pm in Italy and Spain. At that time, the game will be published on the Netflix service.

    Recent company talked He said he was in the early stages of investigating what this model would look like with plans to expand into the gaming market during the second quarter of revenue.

    “We see games as another content category for us, as well as original movies, animations, and extensions to unscripted television,” read the Netflix article. Shareholder letter, He added that its first focus was on free games designed for mobile devices. “… We’ve been programming the original for nearly a decade now, so I think it’s time to learn more about how members value the game,” the company explained.

    Image credit: Screenshot of Teeter Up on Google Play

    Netflix took advantage of these statements in late August when it shifted the titles of two “Stranger Things” titles created by a game studio based in Allen, Texas. BonusXP NS Limited to Netflix.. However, these games were previously available on the Play Store and can still be played by users who already have them installed. However, new gamers can now discover two games within the Netflix app: Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game.

    That same model will continue in new releases.

    “Card Blast” is licensed from a US-based license Illegal game, “Shooting Hoops” and “Teeter Up” by Canadian developers Frosty pop..

    The game itself is published on Netflix’s Google Play account, so these developers will not be credited to the Play Store list.

    After TechCrunch encountered one of the new titles, seeking comment, Netflix reviewed the launch plan details and issued a statement about mobile game expansion.

    “”Starting today, Netflix members in Spain and Italy are now able to play five mobile games on Android as part of an ongoing game rollout, “said a Netflix spokeswoman. “These five games include” Stranger Things: 1984, “” Stranger Things 3: The Game, “” Card Blast, “” Teeter Up, “and” Shooting Hoops. ” All of these are now also available in Poland. We’re still in the very early stages, but we’re happy to offer these exclusive games as part of our Netflix membership, without ads or in-app purchases. “

    Previously Netflix explanation Poland has an active mobile game viewer, so it chose Poland as the first test market for mobile games. This seemed to be suitable for this early feedback.

    Today, the company notes that Italy and Spain were chosen as additional markets for similar reasons, and that the European market as a whole is an important market for Netflix.

    Netflix has stated that it plans to launch the game in other regions, including the United States, at some point in the future, but it wasn’t known at some point. We also aim to eventually bring the game to iOS.

    The mobile game suite is Netflix’s Android app in Poland, Italy.[ゲーム]It will be available on the tab. Spain, today from 8am (Eastern Standard Time) / 11am (PT) / 5pm (Central European Time).

    Netflix is launching a trio of members-only casual games in Poland, Italy and Spain – TechCrunch Source link Netflix is launching a trio of members-only casual games in Poland, Italy and Spain – TechCrunch

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