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Netflix employees went on strike yesterday in response to the Dave Chappelle special, which premiered on October 5th.At the same time, Los Angeles-based trance activist Ashlee Marie Preston Gather in solidarity Netflix workers participated in the strike. Netflix stars such as Jonathan Van Ness of “Queer Eye” and Mason Alexander Park of “Cowboy Bebop” and “Sandman” video Created for this rally alongside other Hollywood stars and transgender supporters such as Angelica Ross, Jameela Jamil, Kate Bornstein, Our Lady J, Sara Ramirez, Peppermint and Colton Haynes. Was done.

“We value our transgender colleagues and peers and understand the deep wounds they have caused. We should respect the decisions of employees who choose to go out and do it on both of us. I realize that I have a lot more work Netflix A Netflix spokeswoman said in a statement provided to TechCrunch.

The exact results of employee strikes and solidarity rallies are unknown, but Preston had enough hype around the event. Moved preemptively In a wider place.

Employees who participated in the strike want Netflix to “adopt measures to avoid future cases of platform transphobia and hate speech.” letter.. They want Netflix to address the list of requirements in the categories of content investment, employee relationships and safety, and harm reduction.

When it comes to content, the group has raised funds for transgender and non-binary talent on Netflix, brought employee resource groups into conversations about potentially harmful content, and hired more trans and non-binary content executives. We would like to revise the internal procedure for commissioning. Released a delicate work. From an employee relationship and safety perspective, Netflix hires transgender people, especially BIPOC, as a leadership role, allowing employees to remove themselves from previous promotional content such as Alliance and Diversity videos. Hope to eliminate references and images of transphobia titles and talents. workplace. For harm reduction, Netflix acknowledged the company’s harm in platforming transphobia content, added a disclaimer before the transphobia title, strengthened the promotion of transphobic titles on the platform, and flagged it as anti-trans. We would like to propose transphobic content along with the content that was given.

Request does not include deletion Controversial Netflix’s Dave Chappelle Special has sparked a backlash from some employees and Netflix subscribers interested in making the company’s transphobic voice platform.

When asked in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Co-CEO Ted Salands did not say whether he would meet the group’s demands.

“For the last few days, I’ve just been listening to people, how they feel, and what they want. We’re on the screen, behind the camera, And I want to say that I’m deeply committed to including it in the workplace, “Salands told The Hollywood Reporter.

He seems to have suspected that he would meet their request to add a disclaimer about transphobia before the Chapel special.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate in this case because the content is already age-restricted in terms of language and Dave himself gives a very clear warning at the beginning of the show,” he said.

Employees before Netflix releases Chapel Special Raise concerns About Potentially Harmful Anti-Trans Jokes at the Show — Chapelle declaration He is the “Team TERF” and refers to a non-exclusive, radical feminist who opposes the transgender rights movement.But Salands doubled his defense of special writing Internal mail “Content on the screen does not directly lead to real harm.” After receiving a backlash, he later told The Hollywood Reporter, “Content on the screen affects the real world, both positively and negatively.” I 100% believe that I have the potential to give. “

Los Angeles, CA – October 20: Writer Director Joey Soloway speaks as a trance employee and ally at the Netflix Strike in protest of the Dave Chappelle Special on October 20, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA. Netflix has decided to air a chapel special that includes jokes about transgender people, but some employees have expressed concern that the company feels it’s being ignored. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images)

TerraField, a senior software engineer at transgender Netflix, Virus thread About Chapel Special.

“We’re not complaining about being’offended’, and we don’t have’thin skin’,” she writes. “We disagree that such content harms the trans-community (especially people of transgender colors), especially black transgender women.”

According to the field, the field was subsequently suspended due to an attempt to attend an online meeting of executives, along with two other employees. Report..But she Resurrection Netflix suggested that it’s okay to attend after discovering that the director shares a link to the meeting with her.

Shortly thereafter, Netflix’s Transgender Resources Group launched a strike. However, B. Pagels-Minor, the organizer of the strike and the global leader of both Black and Trance employee resource groups, said: Dismissed on friday.. Their termination caused more backlash against Netflix.

A Netflix representative told TechCrunch last week that he “dismissed an employee to share confidential information outside the company.” “We understand that this employee may have been motivated by the disappointment and hurt of Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the core of our company.”

TechCrunch was able to contact B.Pagels-Minor, but didn’t comment.

The leaked information in question seems to be some internal indicator of the “closer” that appeared in. Bloomberg storyNetflix reported spending $ 24.1 million on a one-off special. Meanwhile, the company spent $ 3.9 million on Bo Burnham’s recent comedy special “Inside,” and $ 21.4 million on Netflix’s talked-about nine-episode “Squid Game.” The best debut ever.

Netflix told TechCrunch that it allowed employees to share content with the outside world.But Pagels-minor lawyer Told the New York Times This week, “B. We categorically deny the leak of sensitive information to the press.” A former Netflix employee who knew the situation was critical of TechCrunch and Pagels-Minor for leaking in public chat. He said he was very suspicious that these documents had been leaked.

Netflix told TechCrunch that internal access logs indicate that only one person has viewed sensitive data about the title in the Bloomberg article.

Netflix employees stage a trans solidarity walkout, pose list of demands – TechCrunch Source link Netflix employees stage a trans solidarity walkout, pose list of demands – TechCrunch

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