Neil Young threatens to pull songs from Spotify over Joe Rogan podcast


Neil Young threatened to remove his music from Spotify because he believed that streaming companies could spread “disinformation” about vaccines to podcaster Joe Rogan.

In an email to his record label Warner Records, Young said Spotify “is responsible for reducing the spread of false information on the platform.”

“Today, let us know immediately that we want Spotify to remove all music from the platform,” he wrote. “They can have Logan or Young. Not both.”

With hits including “Heart of Gold” and “Harvest Moon” and Spotify’s 6 million monthly listeners, Young goes beyond his relationship with Spotify’s most popular podcast host, Rogan. Is the first major artist to publicly threaten to leave. App.

After spending $ 100 million Bring Logan The company has been repeatedly criticized for the content of American commentators as Spotify pushed aggressively to expand its podcast offering.

Young’s letter was in response to a December podcast in which Logan interviewed Robert Malone, a controversial virologist who is studying messenger RNA vaccines and is now skeptical of them. In a podcast, Malone told Logan that US hospitals were financially motivated to falsely report death as being caused by the coronavirus.

Logan recommends in a podcast not to vaccinate “healthy” young people with the Covid-19 vaccine.

This puts Spotify in a mess. The company has the commercial benefit of maintaining Logan, where podcasts are heard by millions of people. But as Spotify owns more of its own programming, Spotify faces similar issues and controversies about the content of the site that hang on YouTube and other big tech platforms.

Earlier this month, a group of doctors and scientists called on Spotify to “mitigate false alarms” on the platform, claiming that Logan had spread false claims about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines. “A large number of false alarm events of this magnitude have a very dangerous impact,” they said. I have written..

Spotify didn’t immediately respond to your comment request. Warner Music declined to comment.

Young’s music was still available on Spotify as of Tuesday morning.

Young removed the music from Spotify in 2015 because he said the sound quality was too bad. Then it was restored.

When asked about Logan’s decision to invite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to a podcast in 2020, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Told the Financial Times: “I want creators to make it. That’s what they do best. We don’t want them to play a role in what they should say.”

Logan hosted Jones at his show, where he promoted an unfounded claim to the dangers of vaccines. Large technology groups such as Spotify, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter have previously said that the 2012 Sandy Hook School Shooting in Connecticut (26 people, including 20 schoolchildren were killed) was a villain, InfoWars. Banned Jones, the far-right founder of.

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